What to give a teacher on teacher’s day?

Teacher’s day is the favorite holiday of all educators. In the classroom a festive atmosphere, the sound of greetings and laughter. Many students and their parents are concerned about what to gift your teacher on teacher’s day?

How to choose a gift

Usually in honor of the holiday, the students collect money in advance and decide what to give teachers. For all teachers bought the same gift. This can be a Bank with tea or coffee, chocolates, cake and a bouquet of flowers. A special gift is purchased for the classroom teacher. This gift is more expensive because the students show how well they know their leader. Gift they show their respect and say thank you.

Before you give candy, make sure that the teacher has no problems with sugar levels. Also find out what he loves more tea or sugar. Perhaps a teacher – hypertensive, and drinks that increase blood pressure, it is contraindicated.

Do not abuse individual gifts. If an expensive gift gives the entire class, then that’s fine. But dear surprise from one student suggests bribery. Such a rash act, even if he were motivated by sincere feelings of sympathy and respect, can spoil the mood of the teacher. So think several times before spending a large sum on a useless gift.

What to give a teacher on teacher's day

Hit parade of gifts

There is a secret list of gifts for teachers. It is universal and suitable for all teachers:

  1. Tickets to the theater or the Conservatory will please any teacher. It is a gift for the soul, which the teacher enthusiastically to remember the entire academic year. But don’t forget to buy two tickets to screen the teacher will not feel lonely
  2. Photo album in a leather flight. Can be done on the cover it is engraved, adding a unique souvenir
  3. A basket of Goodies. It includes products such as tea, coffee, fruits, sweets and champagne
  4. Basket with cosmetics. It is filled with high-quality tools for body and hair. You typically select a trusted brand that will not disappoint
  5. E-pointer is a nice modern gift. The teacher will love it
  6. Jewelry box. This is the perfect gift for any woman
  7. A flash drive with an unusual design and name engraved. Every time the teacher would be to use it, he will remember with nostalgia their caring students
  8. Collectible porcelain doll
  9. Statuette. Beautiful figurine cheer up your favorite teacher. She is sure to put it in a prominent place at home
  10. Vase. It will be useful to every teacher, because the people of this profession so often give flowers. By the way, about the colors. Whichever gift you choose, a beautiful bouquet must complement it

What to give to a teacher

And if the teacher is male?

Now the male teachers not only teach children physical education and labor. Teachers-men return to secondary school to teach children chemistry, biology and other Sciences. So the question is, what to give the teacher the man is very relevant:

  1. Coins — great gift for all collectors
  2. The ship in the bottle will enhance any interior
  3. Purse genuine leather will be a great surprise
  4. Unusual model of the globe, for example, it may be a model of the world with medieval States
  5. Tickets for hockey or football will delight any sports fan.

What to give the teacher a man

On the Day the teacher need to prepare in advance. Gather the whole class and discuss which gift is right for your favorite teacher. Most importantly, to invest your heart and love and approach to the selection of creative.

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