What to gift husband on wedding anniversary

Our country has a wonderful tradition – to give spouses gifts on wedding anniversary. Loving wife want to bring each other more joy in this day, making gifts. With a gift for the wife difficulties usually do not arise, because any wise woman will always hint to your man what kind of gift she wants. As for the gift for men are a bit more complicated. The wife should know what to give her husband on wedding anniversary, because of how well the gift will be chosen, depends on the mood of men in this day.

What to gift husband on wedding anniversary

What a gift to surprise husband for anniversary?

Gifts for the soul

  • Book. People say: «the Book is the best gift!». Do you think that giving a book on wedding anniversary it is not necessary? Wrong! If your man loves to read then having a book, he’ll be happy. Be sure to ask what he would like to read. Perhaps he is interested in a specific genre of literature, or even journalism.

book in podarunok

For the benefit of the book as a gift, you can also give an argument that adults rarely buy their books independently, because they want to save. Bought the book a must-sign. Write that love your husband, let him know how much he means to you. A welcome book, and even with positive wishes is a wonderful gift.

  • Game console. All men love virtual games, but the computer brings much less emotion than a real game console, which takes us back to childhood.

Unexpected gifts

  • Certificate. Perhaps the most pleasant and trendy gift that you can do to a man. A grown, successful man, in very rare cases strives to fulfill her dream. And who as not his wife know about this dream? If your husband wants to jump with a parachute, to find a way out of the quest room, scuba dive, and even dive to the depths of the ocean to the sharks, give him a certificate for it.

The fact that he will be in shock for sure. But it will be a very pleasant shock. Besides, you can give him a certificate for two, thus, making him company.

To make her husband such a gift for a wedding anniversary would be a great idea, especially for those women who never knows what to give beloved.

  • Engraving. Some may say that the engraving on the ornaments and things long gone out of fashion, because it’s corny. We absolutely do not agree with this. Engraving is a classic that will never go out of fashion. Take the engagement ring your husband and take it to the jeweler. Jeweler do the engraving on the ring with the coveted words that you will dictate him. Your man will appreciate it, because he will get one of the most romantic gifts that one can get for anniversary of love.

engraved ring for men

Engraving can be done not only in the ring, but on any subject that you like for your man. But here the main thing not to overdo it! For example, if your man likes cold weapon, buy it and make a new engraving on a gift. You can make not only the inscription, but the figure. Don’t be afraid to experiment. If a man like the lions, let the arms is the lion, if you like frogs are great too.

Gifts for Hobbies

If you have some interesting hobby to bother with a gift you don’t need, because he is ready. For example:

  • If you love to paint, draw man, or with him.
  • If you knit, tie him socks, sweater or gloves.
  • If embroider is embroider on the canvas that is very popular with the husband.

knitted sweater for men

Examples are many, the main thing is that you make a gift with their own hands. And the man who loves you, understands that giving a homemade gift, the woman shows your deep feeling and respect.

Romantic gift

  • The evening together. If a material gift you think trivial, but to congratulate a loved one will certainly need to go with him to where both of you well. Although, of course, wanting to make the man good, the place needs to be chosen such that it was good in the first place him. For example, if he likes to watch football in the bar, make him company. If he likes to play football, go with him to the gym and see how he does it. The options are many, the main thing, so it was nice having you around that day.

Also, you can eve print out the map where you mark all the places I wish to visit on the anniversary.

  • Photo on things. A very original gift, which will surely appeal to your man. Today, photo prints, do a lot of companies. It’s very interesting and inexpensive, and most importantly – outside the box. You can put a photo of her husband on a t-shirt, Cup, dish, or even do puzzles. You can take not just a photo of her husband, and, for example, your joint photos or even just an image that like the man.

photo on t-shirt for my husband

You can creativitate with prints as you like, a lot of ideas! For example, young couples often wear t-shirts with half of a heart, which symbolizes love. It turns out that when they approach each other, the two halves are joined in one heart. Thus, you will make two gifts at once: myself and my husband.

Gift-a symbol

To give such gifts almost never accepted, because it is quite old and already many the forgotten tradition, but, nevertheless, it does not lose its charm. Such a gift symbolizes the number of years that the couple lived together. For example:

  • If the couple married one year, that is celebrated gauze wedding, the gift they receive cheesecloth.
  • Two years of marriage is paper wedding, which are given away or stack of paper, or a wad of money (in fact, is a paper).
  • Three years – leather wedding. Give all leather, for example, a purse.
  • Bed linen are customary to give on a linen wedding, that is, in the fourth year of marriage.
  • On a wooden wedding gift wood. On the tenth anniversary, you can present her husband with a piece of tin, as the tin wedding.
  • On the fifteenth anniversary give glass, because glass celebrate the wedding and so on.

gift for men

Why you need to give presents on the anniversary?

Many people are saying about the happiest days in my life often recall the wedding. A wedding is a great gala day in the life of two people. This is the day which remember both all my life. It just so happened that on a wedding anniversary, the couple give each other gifts and the more years they lived together, the more and more beautiful should be a gift. Some do not think so and congratulate each other just for the first anniversary. A pity, because it is the festival of love, and therefore life partners are entitled to the attention and gifts on this day. The anniversary should not be forgotten and the gifts you get the couple that will always remind them of this wonderful event.

There are women who believe that a gift to husband on wedding anniversary – it’s a waste of money. They are not right. The fact that people who do not even hint at the fact that he wants to get a gift will be very happy if the wife will congratulate him. So many gifts men consider useless and not needed. But there are some tips, following which will help you bring a smile to the face of a loved one, after you give him a gift.

How to congratulate your husband

Don’t forget that the most important thing in any gift is that to give it with love. After all, what could be the anniversary without mutual love? Love each other and be happy!

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