What to do when bored at the computer?

In our time, most people literally Wake up and fall asleep with the computer. Any office worker 8-10 hours a day at the monitor, and such work requires periodic pauses and emotional release – the eyes and brain do not iron Not even your monitor, you can occupy yourself with something useful, distracting and gives rest to the eyes. What to do when bored at the computer? There are a lot of options.

Nice and helpful

For example, a great way to combat depression is to combine the free time monitor with the development of new skills and knowledge that would be needed in the near future.

  • To learn a foreign language The study of foreign languages

It is never superfluous. Knowledge of several foreign languages significantly broadens the mind, gives you the opportunity to feel comfortable in foreign travel and also to read books and watch movies in the original language.

  • Exam preparation Exam preparation

If You will soon have to pass exams or defend a diploma, spend the time to prepare. Successfully fire back and have fun at the computer as you want!

  • Listen to the music Listen to the music

Long known that music relieves from fatigue, boredom and stressful situations. Don’t focus on the usual recordings looking for new music is very stimulating. Believe me, there are so many good music, having familiarized with which you will add to your daily life with new bright colors! To return good concentration and give rest to your body, close your eyes for a while and just take in the music.

Entertaining game

Gras Farm

Some find an outlet in video games, of which there are many. People play against the computer or against each other online: this method allows to unite gamers from around the globe. Girls prefer apps like «Farm», «Klondike», «Sims», and the male population like strategy, shooting games, app of world of Tanks and sports games. Of course, spending time with a fun game not a priori to be boring or monotonous, so only need to be able to stop in time and out of the game to not be completely absorbed by a non-existent game a reality.

Unusual relaxing sites

It is necessary to turn to some of the sites serving as a great antidepressant. For example, the site mariemarie0000.free.fr attracts a huge audience due to the fact that is a virtual version of the beloved bubble rap. Do not say anything – resourceful and ingenious, but still a sound of bursting bubbles is not enough to quench your aesthetic thirst. The whole essence of the feeling of touching your fingers to the pimples, and how did he take the computer? Yes, and the sound is too loud and monotonous. But bubbles never ends.

sayt mariemarie0000.free.fr

The website multator.ru provides a unique opportunity to draw funny cartoons-short films and animation. His work here can be placed on the site, and it will be interesting to see the fruits of imagination other users.

The website multator.ru

Dream make a wish at the time of falling stars, but I can not implement it in reality? It does not matter – You will find the website wishpush.com where the clouds are shaken and stars fall. Click on any star and then make a wish. Just remember that all-taki is more interesting to perform this procedure in reality. Perfect sound palette, cozy autumn coffee perfectly recreates the website rainycafe.com. You will feel like sitting under a blanket and sipping amazing coffee, and the loudness of a crowded cafe and rain with peals of thunder can adjust yourself.

The website wishpush.com

This is only a small part of these sites. Their, actually, very much!


View popular videos

Another good method of dealing with boredom – browse popular video Internet, or hire a small fit of nostalgia, watching his personal video archive. You may not remember how nice was the children’s matinee or student concert, but the old clips will jog your memories of those wonderful times. But you can yourself with the help of a primitive video editor create great greeting for a close person with the birthday. The effort is minimal, but the birthday will be really nice!

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