What to do if bitten by a wasp

Each of us is intimately familiar with insect bites. Many do not know what to do if bitten by a wasp. The wound swells, hurts and itches. The symptoms disappear after a few days, if you do not take any measures. Not everyone knows that a wasp sting can be dangerous. In some cases, it causes anaphylactic shock. What to do to avoid this?

How does poison

What to do if bitten by a wasp

The venom of wasps is complexity. The elements reinforce each other’s action. At the time of agaliani there is a sharp pain, it occurs due to irritation of the nerve endings in the tissues that are infected with poison. Histamine, one of the components of venom that cause allergic reactions. Phospholipase destroy the cells, resulting in the space between the cells translates their content. The inflammation begins. Fell into disrepair, the contents of the cells is eliminated. So the body protects itself. The cytotoxins destroy the capillary walls. There is a hemorrhage – hematoma under the skin. If multiple bites, destruction of blood vessels can be massive, and consequently, internal bleeding is characterized by a large scale.

First aid

First aid for wasp sting

If you are stung by a bee, do not panic. To bring unpleasant consequences to a minimum, make a number of simple procedures:

  1. Get rid of the poison in the wound. This is done with the lips. Try to suck the harmful substance. Never massage the site of the bite! Pressure on the skin, you help toxins faster spread throughout the body
  2. Neutralize poison. Will help you acid that is at hand. This can be vinegar, slice of orange, slice of Apple or citric acid. The healing fast access to the poison closes. So try to neutralize as quickly as possible
  3. Apply the ice. It will reduce swelling and reduce the symptoms. Pieces of ice can be wrapped in cloth and put on the wound. You can use a pack of ravioli and a piece of meat from the freezer

When to sound the alarm

Bite axis

Sometimes an ordinary wasp sting causes a severe allergic reaction. In this case, there is a large area of edema and increase in body temperature. Sometimes the patient experiences nausea, he is being tormented by headaches, stomach cramps. Dizzy, people can not move independently. In rare cases, angioedema occurs, it manifests itself in the form of severe hives and is a precursor to anaphylactic shock.

Every body is different, therefore, the speed of allergic reactions in everyone. Someone hives and nausea occur in the first minutes after swelling. Others feel unwell a few hours after contact with the wasp. If the Allergy appears immediately, it is important to quickly render aid to the victim. Give him an antihistamine (Suprastin, Fenistil). Apply the ice. Call the ambulance immediately.

How to recognize the danger

The consequences of agaliani not only depend on the human propensity to allergies, but from wasps. A representative of each fraternity striped sting in different ways.

So, if you are bitten by a wasp, and you managed to kill or stun, wrap the insect in a newspaper to look. You can examine the insect from the bite. If you feel pain, it means that the attack has occurred and to look like a wasp it makes no sense. Look at the little offender, try to remember its characteristic features.

Paper wasps are the most common type. Their stings are unpleasant, but the harm they cause can’t.

Paperova OSA

But the hornets, their immediate family members, quite aggressive. If the person was bitten by several hornets, he may develop severe hemorrhage and tissue death. Also one hornet can bite several times


The wasp sting many people do not take seriously. But this contact with insects can end very sadly. To protect yourself and your family from anaphylactic shock, remember a simple sequence of actions when it bites and be careful, outings.

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