What to do for food poisoning

Food poisoning – a fairly common situation which can happen to anyone. However, to answer the question of what to do in case of poisoning, can not all.

What to do for food poisoning

Knowledge and ability first aid in this situation will help not only to restore health, but in some cases, to save a man’s life.

What is poisoning?

Poisoning is a serious violation of the internal organs, due to the fact that the body got the poison. As a rule, the lesions of the body is expressed in the intoxication of varying degrees. Depending on which component was the cause of the poisoning, there are:

  • The carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Lose toxic chemicals.
  • Poisoning with medicines.
  • Lose body chemicals (acids, alkalis).

What is poisoning?

A separate paragraph isolated poisoning food. Unfortunately, this is the most common situation that occurs no matter where people eat, at home or in a public place.

Toxins get into the human body in several ways:

  • Through the respiratory tract.
  • Through the skin and mucous membranes.
  • By injection.
  • Along with food and water.

By how much has evolved, the process of intoxication, there are the following types of poisoning:

  • The acute phase. It is characterized by sudden manifestations of intoxication even after a single exposure to the toxin.
  • The subacute form manifests itself only after several cases of damage of poisons.
  • Super acute form. A very dangerous situation that leads to death. It is characterized by damage to the nervous system, the development of abnormalities in the coordination of movements, convulsions.
  • Chronic intoxication is manifested very weakly. Disease develop only after repeated exposure to toxins and poisons.

How does the poisoning of food

Because according to statistics, 95% cases of poisoning is a consequence of the use of defective products, should pay special attention to this problem. Food poisoning manifests itself in a sharp and acute disruption of the functioning of the digestive system. Typically, this situation arises from the use of defective, damaged or contaminated by toxins of products.

How does the poisoning

Doctors there are two types of food poisoning:

  • Toxicoinfection is caused by the ingestion of toxins through contaminated food pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Non-infectious food poisoning. It occurs after the ingestion of poisons and toxins of natural origin. For example, after eating poisonous mushrooms, food, abundantly fertilized with pesticides.

What are the signs of poisoning

Depending on the type of lesion of the body with poisons it is possible to allocate a number of characteristic features:

  • In bacterial lesions in humans, vomiting, strong stomach cramps. A characteristic feature of these symptoms is that they appear after an hour after a meal.
  • Infection of a viral nature has been as hard. The patient complains of chills, fever, nausea and abdominal pain. Such signs appear in at least 10 hours after penetration of the toxin inside the body.
  • Poisoning by chemicals and poisons. In this case, there are severe diarrhea and vomiting, profuse sweating and salivation. The patient, the pressure increases. These symptoms occur within 30 min after exposure of poison in the body.
  • Botulism is manifested by a lesion (within 10 min after exposure of the toxin in the body) speech and vision. Observed dry mouth, and vomiting, General weakness.

pain in case of poisoning


First aid in case of poisoning

  • Gastric lavage. It is very unpleasant, but very effective procedure can save lives in case of severe poisoning. For this manipulation should:
  • prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The necessary amount not less than 400ml;
  • small SIPS of the solution is consumed completely;
  • two fingers is called vomiting.

As a rule, after this procedure, the pronounced symptoms of poisoning are, but if the gastric lavage is carried out again.

  • The use of sorbents. The most common barbarouses drug is activated charcoal. It is important to know the dose is calculated according to the weight of the person. For every 10 kg of weight 1 tablet sorbent.
  • Keep drinking regime. It is important to remember that toxicity is a direct path to dehydration. In this situation it is necessary to compensate for the fluid loss to maintain not only health, but life. Should drink in small portions, but often. The total volume of consumed pure water must be at least 3 liters per day. To maintain mineral balance in the body recommended the acceptance of the solution Regidron or Oralit.

Treatment for poisoning

Treatment medicines in case of poisoning

After carried out all the steps of emergency medical care, you can take drugs that promote the repair of damaged microflora of the body. Such include: zantac, lineks, hilak Forte. If the body temperature falls below 38° C, consider taking fever reducing medicine.

Diet for poisoning

A very important condition for the treatment of acute poisoning — observance of starvation mode. This does not mean that we should completely abandon the food. In the first days it is necessary to provide complete rest to the patient and to eliminate from the diet all products, leaving only the drinks. The next day, if the patient’s condition has improved, you can gradually enter in the menu: jelly, crackers, very thin mashed potatoes, oatmeal without milk.

food for poisoning

As a rule, timely treatment and adherence to diet leads to the fact that already at 4-5 days of recovery occurs. But do not rush to return to normal power mode. In the first week it is advisable to avoid eating fatty and spicy foods, bakery products and carbonated drinks. Also, forget about alcohol, strong tea and coffee.

It is important to remember that no one is immune from poisoning. And only competent and timely assistance will help keep not only health but also life.

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