What to do if hair fall out

Every day a person loses hundreds of hairs, and in their place the new grow. And this process is normal. But what if the process of loss becomes intensive, while the growth of new hair slows down. In such cases, we have a lot of questions — why it happens and what to do, hair loss?

What to do if hair fall out

Why is an intensive hair loss

The reasons for such a process, there are many. The main ones include:

  1. A weakened immune system. After a serious or prolonged illness, and when a person works too much, can begin of active hair loss. Similar processes occur in women who have recently given birth to a child.
  2. Reaction to the drug. Among the side effects of some medications can be found negative impact on your scalp and hair. The most serious challenge for the hair is chemotherapy, which is used in the treatment of cancer ailments. The same effect on our hair have some medications used for high blood pressure, diuretic drugs, birth control pills and antidepressants.
  3. Iron deficiency in the body. As this may indicate a constant feeling of weakness, anemia. In women, these are quite often observed during menstruation, especially if they are heavy or following a strict diet.
  4. Diseases of the scalp, has an infectious character. Such diseases include seborrhea or dermatitis. The reasons may be not only external influence, but also to be the consequence of allergies.
  5. A deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Often, especially with intense hair loss, we faced in the spring, when our body can suffer from deficiency.
  6. Hormonal changes, taking hormones. Women are often faced with disorders of the hormonal system during pregnancy, in young girls with early sexual activity, as well as after menopause.
  7. Violation of blood supply of the scalp. This may be a result of cardiovascular diseases or osteoarthritis. Vasoconstriction and impaired circulation can lead to the frequent use of beverages containing caffeine.
  8. Bad ecology, radiation, air pollution, and improper diet also contribute to hair loss.
  9. Poor quality shampoo. Our hair is able to respond to components of shampoos and other care products for the hair. This is especially true of counterfeit shampoos and questionable means of production.
  10. Stress. Chronic stress leads to narrowing of the blood vessels and malnutrition of hair follicles. So over time the hair starts to weaken and result in falls.
  11. Heredity.
  12. Diseases of the thyroid gland.

hair loss

What can you do to stop hair loss

If hair loss you are not connected with heredity or the natural aging process, it is possible to stop. You need to find out the reason of such condition. If you do not see the obvious reasons for this condition, perhaps caused by disturbances in the internal organs. To find out, be sure to visit a doctor who will prescribe the necessary tests and examinations.

Emergency measures

While the exact cause of hair loss is not established, try changing your shampoo and at the time of discard any cosmetics in hair care products (mousses, hair sprays, gels, etc) and various appliances (Curling irons, hair dryers, etc.). Give your hair some rest. If possible, do not use Bobby pins or rubber bands.

Normalize blood circulation of the head

To do this, use a massage to do that is very simple – pull it over your head with your fingers and do rotational movements, moving from one zone to another. Start to massage from the temple, moving gradually to the Central part of the head.

Are struggling with stress

One method of getting rid of stress does not exist. If you cannot calm down, take a sedative drug and consult your doctor.

hair fall what to do

Provide yourself with good nutrition

Often the cause of hair loss becomes unhealthy diet. If, after the start of the next diet, you notice excessive hair loss, immediately stop it. Choose to supply high quality, natural products rich in vitamins. You need to eat at least 3 times a day.

Take vitamins

Noticing yourself losing your hair, maintain body and provide it with all necessary vitamins and minerals that help to improve the condition of hair. These include zinc, iron, vitamins C, E and F.


The medications used for hair loss

Today in the pharmacy you can find a huge number of various drugs that help to cope with excessive hair loss. Among the most popular pharmaceutical cosmetics, it is possible to allocate: spray Shevelux, natural henna, coconut and rosemary oil, the drug-based hormones Minoxidil tablets Finasteride, Cimetidine and Spironolactone.

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Prevention of hair loss

Despite the fact that hair loss, in most cases, respond well to treatment, each of us knows that any disease is better to prevent than to treat. Primary prevention can be called proper care for scalp and hair.

Among the basic principles of prevention include:

  • Important clean hair. And for washing, choose the means based on the type of hair.
  • Pay attention to the frequency of shampooing. It will depend on hair type and rate of contamination. This means that it is necessary to wash only if necessary. The water temperature should be between 36-42 degrees. And the higher the fat content of the hair, the lower should be the temperature.
  • Do not use the dryer as it contributes to drying out hair as a consequence of their loss.
  • Possible, give up chemicals that are intended for dyeing hair. If this is not possible, regularly use a restorative shampoo.
  • Avoid overcooling or overheating the hair. Summer wear headgear to protect your hair from sun and ultraviolet light.
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