What to cook minced meat?

The stuffing is pretty good too, is largely a versatile product. It is easy to find in almost every supermarket, and on the choice of the buyer are different options. Minced chicken, pork, beef, a variety of mixture – even a fish can be found on the counter. This variety of options gives rise to a variety of recipes. What to cook minced meat?

what to cook minced meat

Meat casserole

Although the stuffing can be prepared and something quite independent, he fits well as an ingredient in complex dishes. For example, pork or pork-beef minced meat, you can cook a casserole.

  • It will need about 300 g minced meat, mixed with raw egg, salt and pepper.
  • Three medium potatoes peeled cut into thin slices. They will go to the bottom of pre-greased form.
  • Potatoes can be filled with sauce. It is best to avoid mayonnaise since it will make the dish too greasy. Besides, when heated it releases harmful substances. It is better to stay on the sour cream. Three tablespoons of spices diluted with water, will create an appropriate sauce.
  • Top deals the half rings of onions.
  • Then need to put the stuffing.
  • If you want, the next layer can go slices of tomatoes.
  • The last layer is grated cheese.
  • The completed form put in the oven heated to 200 degrees. Casserole will be ready in about half an hour.

meat casserole

Hedgehogs in the oven

Beef may be the main ingredient of the dish. For example, it is possible to create a variety of burgers or hedgehogs.

  • The kilogram of ground meat add a Cup of pre-boiled rice. They need to be efficiently mixed, and then add spices. The hedgehogs are well suited to various Provencal herbs, pepper, and seasoning, used for any other meat.
  • The pan is oiled. Him wycliffite balls, moulded from the resulting meat. It is important that they were about the same size.
  • Ten spoonfuls of sour cream combined with water creates a sauce. They need to fill hedgehogs, and then the form can be put in the oven.
  • Need to keep dish forty minutes at a temperature of 170 degrees.



The most classic answer to the question of what to cook from ground beef is meatballs.

  • Basis – approximately 600 g of minced pork or pork-beef mixture.
  • You need to wash and chop the green onions and other greens, if desired.
  • Minced chicken mixed with four eggs.
  • You can add grated potatoes.
  • Add up to three tablespoons of flour, then mixed.
  • The resulting mixture is formed patties, which need to fry on each side for three to four minutes.


Pasta with minced meat

If you don’t want anything to mold and shape, you can use a simple recipe of pasta with minced meat. The meat can be fried with onions and garlic, and without them, and you can just put it out. For a taste of really running on water, and soy sauce.

The classic recipe is as follows:

  • You need to cook the pasta according to the recipe on the package, and in the meantime to make mincemeat.
  • It must be fried in a pan (or saute) so that it is split into smaller components. He can help shovel, breaking up lumps. Along with stuffing it is possible to fry the onion and garlic.
  • To fried, add spices, tomato paste and water.
  • Cooked pasta can be added to roasting the meat, so real and connect them after cooked.

pasta with minced meat

What to cook minced meat?

The meat is incredibly convenient ingredient. It is possible to create complex dishes, and something very simple. Even just leaving the package of meat to stew in the pan, people will be able to use as a tasty topping for pasta, potatoes or buckwheat. With the help of meat to really create and desserts, like pies.

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