What to cook for dinner?

In ancient times, the question of what will be for Breakfast, lunch or any other meal can be easily solved, depending on who managed to kill on the hunt, or that were able to ripen in the garden. Today, when in the supermarkets you can buy not only local produce but also exotic dishes, decide what to cook for dinner, is becoming increasingly difficult.

what to cook for lunch

It’s better to have for lunch

Although forget the importance of a hearty Breakfast and a light dinner impossible, is to figure out what is best in the daytime. First, like any other meal, skip lunch this will lead to the fact that in the second half of the day, no energy. Besides, day evening hunger triggers overeating and causes the body to store fat.

Basic rules for choice of dishes for lunch:

  • It is best to adhere to the principles of separation of power, that is, proteins do not combine with carbohydrates and fats. However, if this require too radical changes, to which the person is not ready, it is easy to minimize carbohydrates, such as pasta and potatoes. You can leave them in for Breakfast.
  • Not necessarily, there are first and second. Enough of one dish, if it is nutritious.
  • Porridge is not suitable as lunch. It is a pure carbohydrate, and similar it is better to leave for Breakfast.
  • Whatever the dish was a basic salad of fresh vegetables it is beneficial to its complement.
  • Before you drink anything, it is better to wait half an hour. The dessert is also healthy end of lunch.

What to cook for dinner?

  • The simplest, but most dietary option vegetable salad. It can be as simple mix of cucumbers, tomatoes, seasoned with oil or a more complex combination of a variety of vegetables. Some recipes suggest the use of curd, fish or meat. These salads will be more satisfying, will help no longer want to eat and easier to wait for dinner. Salads are a convenient option for busy working people because it is not necessary to heat.

Greek salad

  • Often as the main lunch dishes are a variety of soups. You can prepare a hearty meat soup or create a hodgepodge. Now, many, deciding what to cook for dinner, prefer cream soups. The easiest option is a cream soup based on green peas. Cook it very simple, if you do not use the broth and make the dish just on the water. Water is added to pureed peas and cream, sometimes put butter and egg yolks. These soups are especially delicious with crackers or croutons.

cream soup

  • Another classic option is meat or fish with vegetables. According to the rules of healthy nutrition, to combine proteins with carbohydrates should not be, so as a garnish it is better to use vegetables, for example lettuce. You can also put cabbage or other similar product. Simmer is and proteins – fried harm the body and the circulatory system. If quenching is not suitable, the dish can be baked in foil, without using oil.

meat with vegetables

  • If you do not want to spend time cooking, you can dine nuts. Due to the large amount of fat they are very satisfying.
  • When you have time and tools, you can prepare sushi or rolls. Putting the minimum of rice, can achieve good satiety with a small amount of carbohydrates.

The fact that shelves in stores are full of various products, by no means simplifies the problem of choosing lunch dishes. On the contrary, the diversity only complicates the choice. However, to solve the question becomes simpler if you adhere to the basics of good nutrition.

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