What to bring to the beach?

Almost every adult wants the summer to escape from the stuffy office or any other working space and to go to the sea. What could be better than a relaxing holiday on the coast? However, before you can be on the beach under the sun, there’s plenty to do, in particular – to collect the suitcase. What to bring to the beach?

what to take to the sea

Key things

Most of the items that you need to take with you every man knows himself, but on the eve of the holiday the head can fly anything. It is best to follow the list.

So, first and foremost, you need certainly to collect clothes. Her choice should be based on the climate of the place where will be the rest. If you have a permanent swimming and sunbathing on the beach, you should dial light summer things. However, it is not necessary to put in a suitcase whole new wardrobe – often airlines require a fee for cargo weighing more than 20 pounds.

It is necessary to take several sets of regular summer clothing, one option for something warmer in case of sudden rains and cold weather. Do not forget about sufficient quantities of underwear, including sleeping clothes. Also, since we are talking about the sea, it is best to take two piece swimsuit, or even three.

What else you should not forget, collecting clothes:

  • A pareo. It will not change completely every time you need somewhere to duck out from the beach.
  • Hat or cap. Without her face burn just a couple of hours, and sunscreen will do little business.
  • Flip flops and sandals. The first will come in handy for the beach and places of residence, and the second for trips to the store and other establishments.
  • If you plan to visit different events, you should bring your evening dress and shoes. However, it is not worth to ship them your suitcase, if such outputs are not provided. In the extreme case, you can take a cute skirt.

summer clothing

What to bring to the beach?

A trip to a hot country can’t do without sunscreens and sun lotions. To the beach you should bring wet wipes to wipe his hands of the cream. Regardless of the type of trip do not forget the toothbrush and paste. Should get a towel, but not too much, as it takes a lot of space.

What to bring to the beach? It is necessary to collect at least a minimal first aid kit. Its universal components are activated charcoal tablets for digestion, peroxide or chlorhexidine, plasters and bandages, pain pills. To this list one should add and personal medication, e.g. asthma and other chronic diseases, and a variety of antibiotics, if started their course.

The last important element of the collection are documents, and we are talking not only about the passport and travel tickets. It is best to prepare all the necessary printout for the hotel, plane or train, a variety of reference information and useful phone numbers. Useful and medical insurance.


Other useful things

Usually, people take a sea of mobile phones and chargers to them, laptops, cameras and other electronics. If a mobile on the trip and is almost a mandatory element, it about need more to think.

Also the road can take sunglasses and a variety of entertainment. Suited cards, crossword puzzles, stock music and Board games.

sea Musica

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