What skills should a child in 5 months?

For any parent it is important that his child was developing properly. Of course, many do not mind to raise a child Prodigy, but as a child enough, the baby cope with what you cope and most of his peers. Many wonder what skills should a child in 5 months?

Of course, the part everyone can think that in this age, the little man still no matter what does not capable. In fact, he learns something new almost every day, it changes both externally and from a psychological point of view. Five months is not so modest time for the baby, he took a lot of time to figure out during this time.

what skills should a child in 5 months

Features five-month-old child

At this age, sleep is no longer such a big part of baby’s life as before. Now he wakes up not just because he wants to eat. He feels that he needs contact and communication with his family and loved ones. He is willing to learn new things, explore the world around.

Usually by this time the child becomes heavier, about 3.3 kg, and in the growth it usually adds to twenty centimeters. The result is the average for boys is 6,7-8,2 kg and in girls from 6 to almost 8 kg. the Growth in the first is about 64-68 cm, and in other, slightly less – from the 61.5 to 66 cm.

Such results children have achieved in all five months of my life, but specifically for the latter, they usually add up to 700 g in weight, and their height increases by about two centimeters.

For some children, a five-month age is the beginning of a difficult road that is called «Portuguesa teeth.» In addition to the changes in character and behavior, for them this time is due to increased salivation. As a rule, the girls, everything goes a little faster than boys.

happy child

The cutting teeth

Most often, this unpleasant, but important process begins at the age of six months, but the first teeth appear occasionally before. As a result, the child may develop a runny nose, diarrhea, fever.

The right way to determine cutting – inspect the gums and hold your finger over them. So managed to find some seals or even a piece of getting out of the tooth. Discomfort makes the baby cranky and, of course, much in the way for him to sleep. Baby often instinctively trying to scratch a sore spot, but all he can do is to keep the mouth fist.

If the process becomes for the child excessively painful, it makes sense to consult the pediatrician. Some doctors prescribe small patients special gels that need to be applied to the gums. In addition, pharmacies purchased ring designed to make the state of the baby.

the child's teeth

How is your day baby?

Although the child now begins to Wake up not only from hunger, sleep remains one of the most important elements of his life. Next in importance comes food and then leisure.

  • Usually five-month-old babies sleep for up to four times a day. Day on it they take 1-2 hours, and at night they can sleep for ten hours. Of course, for this to be created all the conditions, including cleanliness of the premises and the quality of its airing.
  • To sleep the baby will help calm games, lullaby and massage. But to completely eliminate all noises in the apartment is as it is better to give up rocking him to sleep, and the use of pacifiers.
  • At the age of five months, the children want to eat approximately every three hours, and during the day they can eat six times. The babies are still feeding from their mother, if the doctor has not appointed a special mixture. At this stage is to identify the new skills of the child – he is already able to handle the bottle.

From this age you can try to accustom the child to eating with a spoon. As a rule, five-month-old children are already able to use the mug if it will keep an adult. In General, the baby sleeps about two hours actively studying all around at this time.


What skills should a child in 5 months?

One of the most important skills five-month-old child connected with how he can move. At this age, parents find it increasingly difficult to care for the baby, as a rule, he does not want to sit still in one place.

  • Coup. Most importantly, what skills should your child have 5 months to roll over on its side. For him it is a kind of achievement. After that he starts actively trying to learn how to go from back to belly.
  • In addition, at this age the child is able to hold toys.
  • He also often tries to straighten his hands, resting them on the floor.
  • Begin and his knowledge of movements through a variety of supports baby learning to crawl.
  • At this age he already is not difficult to keep the head when he lies on his stomach.

Usually, little girls are moving much more than boys, but they all somehow begin their way to the next important goal of mastering the skill of crawling.


Features of perception

Not only the movement of the baby evolve over time. Physiological changes relate and its various senses. For example, until the sixth month eye muscles have fully developed. It is believed that if at the end of the fifth month the baby is stored the so-called «the effect of distant eyes», it is cause for seeking medical attention.

  • Overall, in this age, the toddler may long to look at bright things, to watch their movements, and he begins to distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar people. First he is happy, but the second is quite able to scare and even make you cry.
  • In order to understand at what stage is the development of hearing five-month-old toddler, to hold a special test. This adult must clap your hands, standing about six feet from the baby. If he turned his head at the sound, then everything is fine.
  • In addition to these simple instinctive reactions, in this age, the child begins to distinguish the tone of voice. He likes to please, and the severity it can respond accordingly. Of course, it is easy to distinguish mother’s voice from the sounds a stranger.

In addition to the voice, a five month old baby enjoys the touch of his mother, her stroking or massage. He tries to feel everything around him, so he learns objects, while continuing to develop your touch.

dytyna lezhit

The development of speech and fine motor skills

To five months the baby can easily hold some items, but it is also important to start his training, so he took the toy, not only being in the hands of the parents, but just lying next to them. In addition, you should pay attention to develop his fingers.

  • 4-5 months is the period when the baby starts to publish strange sounds. Most often it is just loud, like «and» or «and», but for a child it becomes a kind of song that actively develops his breathing and speech. Besides, Akane is a sign of good mood of the baby.
  • Combined with the effort of conversation, the children actively gesticulate, move your feet. All of this is called «complex recovery», which is characteristic of this period.

In order to help your child with further development, we need to ask him questions about what he likes. For example, «where’s the typewriter?», «where’s the doll?». Of course, it is important and simply talking to a child.

children play

Psychological characteristics of the child in 5 months

To five months to develop not only physiological aspects of the baby. Despite his age, he is already part of society, which, of course, important to him. In five months the kid can easily laugh or even just smile.

  • Strangers and the situation can cause a child’s negative reaction, but the gentle tone of those whom he sees for the first time, can easily change his mood.
  • In addition, the baby can feel sadness, arousal, and alertness.
  • Now the child behaves differently and on walks. He does not sleep, is worth it to get some fresh air, and tries as much as possible to sit in a wheelchair, looking around.

This is a great time to tell as much to your baby, show him what he can’t see in the house.

devavani dytyna

Games, and tips

Although at the age of five months the child is able to Tinker with toys, it does not mean that he must do it alone. At this age, contact with others becomes for him an increasingly important role, and playing with adults is more important than ever. Different toys in combination with songs and stories not only entertain baby but also help the further development of his speech.

In General, increasing the degree of mobility of the child, in some parts of the skin may be irritation. Usually appears normal sweating sickness, from which there is no need to worry. Enough to dress baby more easily, and if conditions permit, you can leave it naked.

It is impossible to tissues present rigid joints, which can be unpleasant to the child as well as diapers should be changed no later than every three hours. Of course, this process should be accompanied by the use of moist towels or napkins.

the child chews

Caring for five-month-old baby

At this age children can be bathed every day, but washing detergents is better to use only once a week, maximum two. Washing before bedtime is especially active toddlers makes me feel extra energy, so it is better to swim about in the afternoon.

  • Two hours that the child is not asleep, he may well get dirty, so you need to check the status of his nose and ears.
  • It is worth remembering that the mood of the child depends on the behavior of adults, so it is important to monitor the tone of conversations.
  • If you will be meeting with strangers, it is better to place the child in a special baby carrier or slings, as the contact with mother will calm him down.

Some start solid foods for five months, but it is somewhat early, as the optimal age to add to the diet other food is considered to be six months. However, if he is losing weight and is naughty, then it may indicate malnutrition.

Usually for the first meal, using mashed apples and also fruit or vegetable juice. However, it is best to consult with your pediatrician, which in any case will have to go when the child is five months. He will be able to say with certainty whether there is enough kid is developed, and, if necessary, to detect and fix pathology.

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