What skills should a child in 4 months?

With the birth of a child a woman’s life changes completely. The baby becomes the center of it, it requires a lot of attention and more knowledge. In particular, the mother is required to know what skills should a child in 4 months. This will allow not only to develop a little man, but in time to notice problems with his health and psyche.

what skills should a child in 4 months

Age-related changes

It would seem that four months is such a short time. It is unlikely for this time, the child can change dramatically, and many skills to appear out of nowhere. In fact, in these few months the kid has already risen significantly. He became different from the point of view of external data, but also psychologically and physically.

First and foremost, the changes, of course, touched his proportions. In particular, there is no striking difference between the size of the head and thorax – it is more and more disappearing. In this lengthened the limbs of the baby. Gradually, step by step, the child’s body more and more begins to resemble the proportions of an adult. Especially notable is the fact that by this time toddler appear plump cheeks.

Up to four months of life the child is not focused on eating or sleeping. He gradually tries to explore the world around them, he wants to interact with it, using different senses. It requires many skills, some of which are described below.


What skills should a child in 4 months?

  • Instead of reflexes comes reasonable activity. The grasp reflex is almost completely quenched – now the child begins to miss what it wants. Every parent remembers the moment when the baby grabbed the finger should only touch they children’s palms. With four months movements become more arbitrary. If the baby got something, so he wanted to do it. For an adult it seems to be something simple and natural, but for a child it is a complex chain of nerve impulses.
  • It is not enough just to take something. With the birth of the baby, grabbing something, just some time holding the object or the hand and then released it, or something was taken away. Now, if the child decided to grab something it has let them and the children, but a clear goal. Baby of four months wants to do some manipulation, even if it is limited to putting toys in his mouth. All this suggests that coordination began to develop, although not as good as it will be later.
  • Just born, the child could barely move, not to mention the possibility of roll over. Over time, he learned to lie on her stomach, and after four months most babies can do the reverse movement. Typically, these opportunities indicate that better baby get on the floor. First, so he will not fall in the process of revolutions, and, secondly, on the floor more space to explore.
  • The important issue is the ability of a child to sit. To four month, yet he’s still a baby can raise the head and shoulders, but to be in a sitting position fails. Moreover, you should not try to teach a kid like that he should acquire such a skill on their own, over time.

the ability of the child

Features of the development for four months

What skills should a child in 4 months? There are a number of intricacies of this age.

  • During this period, the kids appear the makings to a crawl. They slightly raise the buttocks, trying to push off with your legs. Some eventually begin to move backwards, because for them it is easier than to crawl forward.
  • Until that age significantly improved vision and hearing. On change of visibility in 70 cm distance it is more than three meters. This allows the child to explore the room and even see what is outside the window. With improved hearing comes the reaction to the music, as well as an understanding of emotional colouring. This means that now the baby will be able to enjoy the mother’s voice.
  • Four months – the period when the child acquires the ability to utter simple syllables. Some parents try to take it at the first words, however, it is unlikely letter combinations like «mA» and «PA» can be considered full terms. Typically, this talkativeness of the child indicates that he is in good mood. At this age your baby may become the initiator of such basic communication.
  • Finally, in four months the child begins in some degree to divide others into «us» and «them». Of course, it has some deep underlying reason, and typically, such awareness of the child based on how often he sees someone or another relative. If the baby is no familiar person, he can worry while friends are those who show up every day, at least – with the break of day. The fact is that in four months more developed short-term memory, and that was some time ago, forgotten the baby.

Here is a sample list of what should be able to make a baby in four months. This is just the beginning the life of a child, but he has managed to master many important skills a kind.

the child sees the mother

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