What skills should a child in 3 months

For anybody not a secret that first year with baby is important and meaningful. During this time, the child develops from a child into an adult child who is able to move independently. At this time the child needs to pay more attention, because parents, too, depends on many things. If you want your child to grow up fully and timely developed, you must know what skills should a child aged 3 months.

what should a child three months

All children are different, someone reaches success and someone, on the contrary, long delayed at a certain stage. This moment should not be missed, because even at this age affect the development of the baby can parents, if the time to pay attention to this fact.

Skills three children

At the age of three months the child becomes more mobile, active and emotional, which should please parents. Let’s look at what characteristic of the child of three months:

  1. Full physical development allows a child to safely lie on your belly, hold the head on weight, controlling this process. A toddler can easily carry your weight on the handle. Also at this age, parents can put the child in a vertical position, of course, keeping it. It will rest on the feet on the floor, bend your knees, have some physical resistance that shows the development of his power.
  2. At this time he actively develops grasp reflex. At this age kids still can’t control the force of its impact, therefore, can exhibit strong grasping reflexes at the sight of a favorite toy, hands parents, etc. Children are quite sensitive to bright color, therefore, do not disregard bright and colorful jewelry, hair clips, toy. It is possible to check the level of development of auditory reflexes in the child.
  3. At the age of three, children may know the joy of communication with family people. He responds to parent’s laughter, quickly trying to make contact with others interested in all foreign objects. At 3 months children always react to other sounds, so you need to minimize the excess noise in the house that can scare a child.

development of the child

How to help your child to develop in a timely manner

Not always full-fledged development of external physical data, namely, height and weight, saying that the child is fully developed, not lagging behind their peers. The development of the baby should be not only in the external parameters, but also in his actions.

To affect children’s development, parents should take a hand. This requires daily to perform easy children’s gymnastics, which will be in the rotation of legs and arms, their uplift, the simulation steps. At this age, for children it is really important, any such manipulations necessarily make it a positive influence. Also very helpful are the classes on fitball, because they help prevent the occurrence of constipation in children.

development of three month baby

As soon as the child begins to hold his head up, he observed bouts of wakefulness, it is therefore necessary to closely monitor his every move so he wouldn’t roll out of bed, with the child pad. Always have in the house children’s kit, because no matter how perfect was not the child care, he doesn’t avoid age-related abrasions, scratches and bumps.

Be sure to develop a child’s grasp reflex, because without it, its further development will not be considered complete. Give your child any toys that he can grab hold of. Play with him in games, «take-give», it will be not only interesting but also useful for a child. Move a toy in all directions around the baby, pay attention to the movement of his eyes. At this age the baby already needs to follow the change in motion.

Emotional development is exactly the same value for the baby, as well as physical. You must talk with the child, read him books, to include interesting and fun music that will positively affect its perception. Many assume that if a child has no idea what’s going on, then it is not necessary to have a conversation, no need to read books. In fact, at the age of three he already understands and analyses, despite the fact that still not talking.

child and extraneous factors

Try to give your child as much time as possible, because only you will be able to affect its full development. Remember that in the age of the kids already have their own duties that must be performed. If there is some deflection and deceleration, it is necessary to consult a specialist and carry out in the home appropriate exercises for all muscle groups.

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