What skills should a child in 2 months

As soon as the house appears a baby, parents immediately rush to find out what skills should a child in 2 months or six months to monitor its development and the most to contribute to it. Despite the fact that at this age all children have nearly the same development, still the people who do that develop a bit faster. To ensure the timely development of the baby, it is necessary to observe changes.

that can month-old baby

Between weekly and two-month child, there are important differences, because every day for the baby is a friend, he learns something new, develops the skills learned yesterday. Parents are very pleased to observe that progress of your baby, that is why they want to know about all the proper skills for a toddler at this age.

Basic information about the skills baby

Once the child turns two months, parents notice how accurate and informed is his opinion. He is able to focus on the toys, mom and dad. Newborn baby almost did not see, that is why the ability to see objects fully formed only in the second month.

Also at this time, it can be noted that the child’s sleep is greatly reduced. If two more a month he could only eat and sleep, at this time, children become more active, they could lie in bed, watching the bright toys. Kids respond very well to sounds, control your weeping. Due to this, parents can determine when the child is crying from pain in the tummy, and when it just wants to eat.

skills two-month-baby

Of course, in addition to crying, at this stage of life, children cannot Express their emotions, so you should as much as possible to talk to them, that they heard his father’s voice, got used to him and found rest in him.

Motor skills of the baby

At the age of two months babies can:

  • Firmly gripping finger parents.
  • Hold the toy up to several seconds.
  • To support the head in an upright position.
  • Lying on the tummy.
  • Exhaust sucking reflex.
  • Squeeze the hand into a fist.

child in two months

Kids do not have strong coordination, they can’t sit, they are hard debt to lay on his stomach. But, if you compare the mobility of the first month, it is possible to detect the significant progress which can be seen with the naked eye.

The sleeping two-month child

At the age of two months the baby can sleep upto 16 hours and it is the norm. But, it should be noted that sleeping at night is still not part of their habit, so they can Wake up several times to eat, to play, to look at toys and cry. Parents should get used to this, normal sleep only after half a year, and then not until the end.

At this age parents should definitely teach your baby to sleep on their backs to prevent the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. On the tummy the baby can lie down while playing, but the sleep he needs on his back. To ensure the most restful sleep, remove from the crib all the toys-rattles that can suddenly start playing and kill the sleeping child.

the development of a two-month child

Also a two-month children can see their parents at a distance of 45 centimeters, but best of all the child remembers the mother during feeding. At this time, improved hearing, children can recognize the voice of the parents, to distinguish him from other relatives.

The child’s communication

Since the age of two months the child still cannot communicate, the sounds he makes only by the weeping. But also closer to the end of the second month you will be able to notice such sounds as grunting, rumbling, gurgling and so on. The best thing parents can do for the baby at this age is all the time to talk to him. It just seems that children do not understand that actually they memorize every word in their address.

Such conversations with your baby and stimulate the baby, as often as possible to make sounds, try to convey your emotion not only cry, but and other methods. From the first months of life need to build your child’s language function, trying it with every day more and more to develop.

Tips for young parents

The first months of life infants seem to be the parents of something very terrible, unusual and unusual. Of course, fear is present at all, and it definitely should be addressed. Go through the advice of a pediatrician, try to ask as many questions, to ask advice.

how to raise a child

Remember, children should not sit in the house, daily walks are bound to be useful to them, can positively affect the health and well-being of the baby. Try to give children as much of their time, love and care, and then their development with each passing day more and more.

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