What laptop?

It is difficult to imagine modern life without computer technology. They have become part of almost all aspects of human activity and continue to develop actively. Asking what laptop, people want to learn more about one of the forms of computing devices.

what laptop


Relatively devices like a laptop are two terms used. The first, more General, but commonly used in the United States – a laptop or original laptop. If you divide this word into two parts, the first can be translated as knees of the man who sits, and the second marking the top of anything. The word laptop (sometimes a laptop) called laptops and other similar devices, such as smartbooks and netbooks.

The very concept of a laptop, also borrowed from the English language, written there as the notebook, which is a compound word. First, it can be translated as Notepad or a notebook, but now it is actively referred to as a portable computer device.


What laptop?

Externally the laptops are somewhat reminiscent of the classic personal computers. They have a monitor and keyboard, although they are joined together. For laptops, you can buy a mouse, but these devices have their own touch pad used for cursor control.

What laptop? It is portable, i.e. portable device. It can be taken almost anywhere. The laptop easily folds in half, allowing you to carry it in the bag (usually bought special covers). In addition, such portable computers can operate without a mains connection, though for a limited period of time. As a rule, laptop charging can last for a period from two to fifteen hours.

The history of the emergence

The laptop is called so because originally people wanted to create a portable computer the size similar to a notebook. The device had to have a monitor to connect to the network without wires. Such idea was offered by Alan Curtis Kay, who conducted research in the firm Xerox. It happened in the late sixties of the last century.

The first laptop was created fourteen years after this. The device has been collected and commissioned by NASA, and made his company Grid Systems. First laptop had 340 KB of RAM and a fluorescent screen. It was transferred for use on the spacecraft » space Shuttle.

In 1981 Adam Osborne created the laptop is available to everyone. At the time, he weighed more than ten pounds, his memory was 64 KB and the display size of approximately nine inches.

Over time, laptop computers have become capable of doing everything the same as the ordinary personal, however, laptops have lower performance.

Perche laptop

The main problems of laptops

The choice between a PC and a laptop may be based on various factors. On the one hand, portable computers are lightweight, can operate without electricity, to connect to the Wi Fi, they don’t need the extra device and they are completely mobile. On the other hand, laptops have extremely poor performance, they are difficult to upgrade (and sometimes impossible), they are easier to steal and there are also disadvantages from a technical point of view. It is necessary to dwell on this issue.

  • Cooling the laptop with the holes located on the bottom side. Thus, if you put the appliance on a bed, rug or just a dirty surface, you will have problems with cooling and, as a consequence, overheating. Because of this, sometimes you have to buy a special laptop stand.
  • Laptop you can always carry, but the changes in temperature and condensation can adversely affect its performance and even cause a short circuit.
  • If you spill something on the computer keyboard, it can simply be dried and cleaned. In the worst case, you will need to purchase a new for a very reasonable amount. If this happens with the laptop keyboard, something will need repair, and, perhaps, the entire device unusable.
  • Hard disks on portable computers are prone to frequent breakdowns. This may affect the process of their carry, drop and scratch.



At first glance, it seems that all laptops look about the same. In fact, they can be divided into several groups.

  • The device display diagonal not exceeding 17 inches are called Desktop Replacement, or replacement of the computer. They are quite large, they are inconvenient to carry, however they have good performance, there are often two hard drives and an adequate video card.
  • The most common and usual category of laptops is the same, the diagonal of which is from 14 to 16 inches. They optimally combine performance and ability to migrate.
  • Diagonal subnotebook is 11 to 13 inches. They cannot be upgraded, the screen is quite inconvenient, however, due to this reduced weight, but because they are very mobile.
  • Ultrabooks spread since 2011. They have LCD displays of the same size as netbooks, but they weigh even less and productivity is greater.

Laptops are divided not only by size and degree productivity, but also on the application. For example, you can select gaming laptops have fairly powerful graphics card to run modern games. Business laptops have the most stringent design and good software. There are also budget options with the lowest possible cost and image, which have a very original appearance.

gaming laptop

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