What kind of fabric — polyester?

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is often used to create a variety of clothing, bedding, curtains. Moreover, the substance is used not only in the manufacturing process of fabrics, but film plastic. It goes from melts of polyethylene terephthalate. Let us consider what kind of fabric — polyester?

What kind of fabric - polyester

The history of the emergence

For the first time the development of polyester appeared in the 30-ies, but in the production it was only in the mid 60-ies. Then he created packaging, containers, sticky tape. In the US, the polyester fabric was advertised as a miracle product. It was possible for several months to wear the clothes without washing and Ironing, and her appearance is not deteriorated. The USSR’s first polyester delivered in 1949. But only with the 60-ies he began to use more actively.

The process of creating

Fabric consists of synthetic fibers obtained in the process of oil refining. This happens in several stages:

  • first get the starting materials from petroleum;
  • stands out polystyrene;
  • under the influence of chemical reactions of polystyrene make the polyester;
  • the resulting material is used for production of fibers;
  • they interlace with each other to form a sheet of tissue.

Special properties

Externally, the polyester like wool, but its characteristics are similar to cotton. So, the fabric has the following properties:

  1. is very durable and not subject to rapid wear;
  2. almost not wrinkled;
  3. well behaved under the influence of heat and light;
  4. easily washed, ironed and retain their shape;
  5. almost not contaminated. Looks fresh even after several days wear;
  6. material poorly absorbs moisture, so it stays dry even in bad weather. So it is often used as a lining for warm clothing.
  7. its surface does not appear pellets.


The polyester fabric

The polyester is not affected by ultraviolet light, mol or other pests. The fabric can last for a long time, preserving its brightness and interesting appearance. In addition, the material dries quickly after washing. When heated, it consolidates the form and retain it.

The fabric used for sewing curtains, tracksuits, underwear, jackets. It is not recommended to buy summer clothes made of polyester because it does not have air permeability, so the skin does not breathe.

How to care?

Although the polyester fabric is not whimsical care, you need to follow a few tips. So, before placing the product into the washing machine, you should carefully examine the tag on it. Almost all of the things from this fabric can be washed in the machine, but sometimes they fit hand wash only. The parts are cleaned in detergent and warm water.

Cannot be used for the washing of water with the temperature above 40 degrees. Otherwise, the polyester fiber can be deformed, so things will lose a presentable appearance. In any case, you can’t add linen as things can shed. When washing it is recommended to choose gentle.

Iron the cloth is not too hot iron. Although usually Ironing polyester is not necessary. Enough to hang clothes on a hanger and good to unfold. After drying, it will not look wrinkled.

Sweat pants polyester

Polyester is a special type of fabric that has high durability. It performs well during use. Despite the fact that the fabric is created from synthetic fibers, it is pleasant on the skin, not prickly. The material is absolutely safe for the human body, so it is safely used in the manufacture of various products.

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