What itchy right eye

Signs of people have their roots in the days of pagan beliefs. And today in our age of scientific and technological progress, they have not lost their relevance. Our ancestors, trying to understand the essence of various phenomena, were the various signs which, in their opinion, gave the opportunity to predict our future. These superstitions were passed down from older generation to the younger. And even today, many of us pay attention to what you ran across the road a black cat or spilled at dinner salt. And that’s what scratched right eye? Consider the basic version.

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What itchy right eye with the point of view of physiology

In our time people often try to consider any situation from a physiological point of view. It is not a rare situation when the eyes begin to itch due to our fatigue or some illness. So most of us write off itchy eyes the following reasons:

  1. Fatigue. It can be as simple lack of sleep and tired eyes due to computer work, reading books or watching a favorite series on TV. In this case, you just need to take a little break and give your eyes a little rest.
  2. Allergies. The reason for the negative reaction of our body can be pollen, Cottonwood fluff, certain foods, fur of a pet or even a normal room dust. To remove these symptoms help medications.
  3. Barley. Perhaps itching of the eye associated with the development of hordeolum, or as called by the people of barley. To deal with the unpleasant sensations help as medicines and folk treatments, among which a boiled egg or a bag of freshly brewed tea, applied to the place where you feel itching.

to chogo sorbet eyes

Folk omens

In esoteric believed that each of us has his own guardian angel, who protects us from all sorts of trouble. To adjust your actions and might keep you from negativity, it sends you a variety of signs. Our ancestors believed that the right eye a person is scratched to:

  • The lover’s tryst. This can be as a small affair, and met the man who will change your life.
  • Good luck. You have itching eyes, just when you thought a certain act, the Commission of which doubt? Maybe, your guardian angel tells you that your doubts are unfounded. Stepping forward, you will succeed.
  • Trouble. In some cases, itchy eyes is a warning. For example, while driving you have started scratching my right eye. In this case, be careful and follow the road. It is likely that you warn of a sharp turn or dangerous stretch of road.

to sorbite eyes

The interpretation of the days of the week

Our ancestors also pay attention to what day of the week we have going on that moment:

  • Monday. For your enjoyment, and all that will happen to you in the near future, will have positive: good news, success in business or reconciliation with a loved one.
  • Tuesday. A sign warns of conflict or tears. So all the important things better on the day to be postponed.
  • Environment. On this day, such a sign may indicate a forthcoming trip or visit a loved one.
  • Thursday. This day is usually eye itches for a good mood and positive news. You probably have already planned a trip to the cinema with friends.
  • Friday. As did our ancestors – this may indicate discovery. If you recently lost money or some thing, you most likely will find it. Or lost before the money will return to you in the form of lottery winnings or awards from the authorities.
  • Saturday. On this day, a sign promises success in love.
  • Sunday. Who in this day will feel itchy, so you need to prepare for what awaits him for the fateful meeting.
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