What itchy left eye

Modern people tend to believe signs. This is because they often do «work». Many people want to know what itchy left eye. Signs associated with changes in the body were always of interest and heated discussion, so they were, and are still with great care.

Itching left eye — what to expect?

Let’s start with the fact that itching in the eye is a medical explanation. Because the mucosa may be dust or mote. It can also occur conjunctivitis, therefore, long-term itching need to go to the doctors. What do they say signs of this?

Our ancestors were convinced that the scratching of the eyes caused by interference of the dark forces. So often people say that the left eye itches to tears. If it is scratched right eye these tears are caused by a good excuse, for example:

  • good news;
  • gift;
  • wonderful event.

If itching left eye, it speaks about the approach of tears for an unpleasant reason. This may be bad news, losing things, trouble in your personal life and so on. There is also a belief that if the eyes are itchy in the first half of the day, the reason for tears will be serious. If you notice that the left eye itches in the evening, you will cry over a minor matter.

What itchy left eye

Another belief says that itching in the left eye confident. You can quarrel with loved ones in the near future. There is a belief that itching in the eye can be interpreted in different ways depending on what day of the week he appeared. If my eyes itch Monday, someone from your closest people will get sick. On Tuesday in small failures. Scratching eyes on Wednesday testifies to the upcoming date. But the itching on Thursday says that you will cry. Itching eyes Friday? Please be ready to meet native people. If you notice that the left eye itches on Saturday or Sunday, it is the money. Based on this, we can conclude that to treat itchy eyes can be different.

What if the left eye itches

First and foremost, it is worth remembering that in most cases plays a major role with respect to the incident. So, if you start to panic and to program yourself for failure, it will come true. In this regard, it is recommended to keep a positive attitude in any situation.

to sorbite eyes

To drive away from all the bad things that caused itching in the left eye, it is necessary to scratch his right hand, and left hand over your right eye. It is also recommended to cross forever, and then you can be sure that protect yourself from trouble. You can scratch the eye and say «fortunately, luck» or «keep me, o Lord, from the evils and bad news». Knowledgeable people say that you can still read any prayer that you know.

Remember that «forewarned is forearmed». Therefore, if the eye itches to quarrels, be positive and try to avoid conflict party. Don’t forget the power of thought, which always works. Read prayers and charms, and your life will be adjusted!

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