What is Wikipedia?

The development and worldwide spread of the Internet has led to the creation of a wide variety of resources. A great part of them are information portals that tell people about certain objects and phenomena. Many wonder what is Wikipedia and why everyone loves to use it?

what is Wikipedia

What is Wikipedia?

Interestingly, the answer to the question «What is Wikipedia?» can be found in the Wikipedia. This is a huge multilingual portal, a publicly available online encyclopediawill contain the most diverse content.

The website Wikipedia.org provides people with the opportunity to study almost any issue. Here you can learn about the meaning of different words and terms to consider the complex chemical processes, to read the historical facts, read the plot of the movies and many, many others.


The History Of Wikipedia

At the beginning of the twenty-first century Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales founded the online resource, called Nupedia. He was in many ways similar to the existing Wikipedia, except for the fact that there was only English, and Nupedia was not on the principles of wiki. This means that all articles are carefully recessionals, and their authors were scientists that work for free.

Wikipedia was supposed to be a side project for this site. The founders of the Nupedia wanted to try to apply the wiki concept. Thus, such a popular website was launched in mid-January 2001. He was supposed to be the English section.

After its inauguration Wikipedia has received all of the authors and visitors of Nupedia, and then began to grow rapidly. Less than a year, as 25 article, the original site became 20 000 entries on an additional project.» While there and added the new languages they were over eighteen.

In the end, the server Nupedia was disabled, and all her articles are added to Wikipedia. Today, the English version of the website is the largest ENCYCLOPAEDIA, even more famous of the Yongle encyclopedia. Yongle created in the early fifteenth century, kept his record of over six years.


The wiki model

One of the reasons why Wikipedia was able to obtain such popularity, that the concept of Wiki. For the first time this term appeared in 1995. It was used by ward Cunningham, the man who created the first wiki system. The word is borrowed from the Hawaiian language, it can be translated as «fast».

Ward Cunningham wanted to invent an engine that would give people the opportunity in record time to write and edit articles. The result of the wiki-system is the opportunity for anyone to make corrections to any page on the website. It does not need to download a special browser or install extensions.

Secondly, the wiki page is full of links to each other, and this link is always possible to understand whether there is a page or not.

Wikis are in a constant state of change. Every day people add there new information, correcting old, change something in the appearance of the resource.


The Value Of Wikipedia

Although today article for Wikipedia can write anyone, they are all still checked (or, at least, the information indicated that it is not checked). Thus, this resource has become one of the largest and most popular reference sites. In the world of Wikipedia is the sixth in attendance, and in Russian-speaking countries – the eleventh. While it remains a non-commercial resource, which shows no ads.

This website is widely used in any educational process. Information used even for research, various conferences and in writing books. Wikipedia and a lot of legal information. For example, the website of the Parliament of Canada made reference to this resource when I understood the issue of same-sex marriages.

In 2008, the asteroid named Wikipedia, and in 2014 appeared on her monument. Popularity dies down, and only continues to grow.

Wikipedia monument

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