What is WhatsApp and how to use the program?

What is WhatsApp? Probably the majority of people irrespective of age limits can provide a definitive answer to this question. Still, for most users of mobile devices WhatsApp messenger is a convenient service for communication and transfer of information. Still, what is up again I?

What is WhatsApp

The program Winamp is a platform for sending text messages, which is installed on mobile devices running on iOS, Android and Windows. Besides the usual texts with the help of this program you can send subscribers images, videos and audio files. Today every smartphone owner this program means a lot.

The story of the creation of WhatsApp

Popular messenger was established in 2009 in the United States, and by 2012, the service was used by at least 100 million people. Every day across the program, WhatsApp was sending over 2 billion text messages. Not one information service did not have such a powerful traffic. The future of the company WhatsApp, the so-called startup at the base, can be monitored in chronological order:

  • As of 2013 the program WhatsApp has already benefited 300 million owners of mobile devices. The company developed rapidly ascending wave. The value of its stock grew with each passing day.
  • February 19, 2014, the company Facebook bought the WhatsApp messenger along with the Creator of the service, and received a full package of entitlements.
  • In the beginning of 2016 service WhatsApp crossed the mark of 1 billion registered users. The daily number of outgoing messages is huge.

What is WhatsApp SMS

Currently, the popularity of WhatsApp continues to grow, and the program is one of the essential apps any smartphone or tablet.

The safety of using WhatsApp for correspondence

The protection level of a messenger was repeatedly subjected to merciless criticism from experts in the field of conservation of information. The main reason for this attitude to the service was that the playback sequence, the password was virtually protected from outside influence. Also on the first versions there was no encryption of data.

  • In may 2011, thousands of users worldwide have been hacked by unknown hacking group. As it turned out, the program was a huge hole in the security system, and the interception of communications of criminals were commonplace.
  • In January 2012, hackers broke into the security system WhatsApp, and launched its own service called WhatsAppStatus.net that allowed you to change the status of an arbitrary client messenger.
  • At the end of 2012 engineering group WhatsApp announced that to encrypt text messages, create a new, more robust algorithm, but just a few months the code has been hacked by an unknown hacker.

About the safety program WhatsApp today fierce controversy. The service developers all the time trying to improve messenger, but still from time to time there are craftsmen who circumvent software security.

correspondence in up again I

Privacy WhatsApp messenger

This program has become the subject of international scandal caused by the leak of confidential data. Here are just a few facts pointing to significant problems of service privacy:

  • After installing WhatsApp on the mobile phone, the system automatically copies all of the contacts that are in phone book.
  • Copied information from the mobile device user is sent to the WhatsApp server without the knowledge of the smartphone owner.
  • Copied phone numbers even those users who have no relationship to WhatsApp.
  • Sending data from phone to server is carried out without serious encryption.

program the up again I

Given the low level of protection of the program to assume that the majority of this information with WhatsApp will not be difficult at all stages of its processing. Thus, we can conclude that this messenger is the perfect communication channel for a banal conversation with friends without an indication in the messages of important information. In other situations it is better to give preference to more secure programs.


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