What is vocabulary in the Russian language and what she is studying

Often we do not even think how diverse Russian language. The study of the native language is quite fun. From a school bench we know that there are whole sections who are learning our language. For example, what vocabulary in the Russian language, everyone should know people with secondary school education.

Studying vocabulary in the Russian language

The very definition of «vocabulary» means the word stock of the language. In turn, a branch of science studying the vocabulary, is called lexicology. The basis of vocabulary, as mentioned earlier, is the word.

what is vocabulary

The word is a special unit of the Russian language, which is the name of the set of objects, phenomena and their characteristics and properties. This category contains grammar and phonetics. Perhaps the most important feature of word is reduced to its integrity and indivisibility of the pronunciation.

Each of us consumes a certain number of words in his speech. What are they and how many, you can judge the vocabulary of man. Also called lexicon. It can be rich and poor.

The sources of replenishment of the vocabulary

There are several basic sources of replenishment of the vocabulary of the Ukrainian language.

the concept of vocabulary


These include:

  • Words that are formed due to the component parts, such as root, suffix, prefix.
  • Borrowed — those are the words that come to us from other countries, nationalities and other sources.

What does the vocabulary we defined, now you need to understand what words are, how do they get into our everyday life and what to do to boost your vocabulary.

Classification of words

The words in the Russian language can be classified according to the following criteria:

  • Unambiguity in the use and polysemy.
  • The literal and figurative meaning of the word.
  • The origin of the word.
  • In the field of use.

There are unambiguous words. As a rule, are words that indicate a specific object and have a single lexical marking. In the Russian language there are few such examples. Basically, it can be some scientific terms or names, and also appeared not so long ago, words that came from somewhere.

what is the word

The peculiarity of the Ukrainian language is the fact that previously, many polysemous words have only one interpretation. Now, when they can be interpreted in different ways, the dictionary in the first place is always the designation of the basic concepts, and then secondary.

The meaning of the words in the Russian language

What does the vocabulary terms using the word in context, knows each of us. There is a direct meaning of the word, which refers to the phenomenon of objective reality, it is stable. The figurative meaning of words arises when the title is transferred subject to another, something similar.

It is possible to allocate following groups of words:

  • Homonyms are words identical in pronunciation, but have different interpretations.
  • Synonyms are words similar in meaning. They are applied in order to diversify it and make it more interesting and detailed.
  • Antonyms are words of opposing meaning. As synonyms, they are used to more details and expression said.

The origin of the words in the Russian language

All the words in the Russian language by origin are divided into:

  • The words of Russian (native Russian).
  • Borrowed.

Native Russian words come from the East Slavic, European, and actual Russian words. In turn, borrowed words from Slavic and non-Slavic languages.

communication words

Depending on how society changes, the culture of it, changes in the lexicon of people. Some words that were previously used with an enviable constancy, now can not remember. There are times when more and more often hear from the lips of some people some long forgotten words.

Those words are not used and fell out of use, are referred to as legacy. But they change into neologisms. These are the words that can be called new. Sometimes they survive and sometimes forgotten, not receiving the proper attention in terms of their use.

The sphere of use of Russian words

Exist in Russian language as common words and are limited in scope of use. To areas of limited use of vocabulary include such words as:

  • Dialect – words specific to a certain nationality.
  • Professionalisms are words from specific fields of science and production.
  • Jargon – words specific group of people.

vocabulary in communication

In conclusion, I would like to mention that vocabulary is an important part of the Russian language. To understand and to navigate it is very important for the modern man. In what moments and under what circumstances was accepted in those or other words, the future depends on the opinion of the person.

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