What is viscose?

In this article we will talk about what is viscose. Viscose is, in truth, a wonderful creation of man. It’s the fabric, the production of which need raw materials, but nonetheless, the finished product can be obtained only by artificial means.

what is viscose

Depending on the type of processing, the fabric is viscose may resemble silk, linen or wool.

The story of the viscose

The person who came up with this miracle material, was a French engineer and chemist. His name was Ilia where Chardonnay and he was the first who invented and brought to life a plan to transform ordinary wood into textile fibers. Chemist at first it was planned to create a kind of artificial silk. Thus, in the 19th century sir ILA where Chardonnay was introduced to the world with this invention, a viscose material.

Viscose has become rapidly gaining popularity and already in a hundred years she was known throughout the world. First, who created an industrial enterprise, which engaged in the manufacture of artificial silk, was Charles Cross and Edward Bevan. They even received a patent for the improvement of the production of industrial textiles and it happened in 1893.

Where to use viscose?

Thanks to the natural component, which is included in the composition of the material, viscose is widely used.

Where to use viscose?

Among spheres of production in which it is used can be identified such:

  • Clothing.
  • Textiles.
  • Linen.
  • Knitting yarn.
  • Shoes.
  • Tires.
  • Cellophane, etc.

Especially popular for clothing, which includes viscose. These products are light and easily breathable. Therefore, in the summer it is especially popular, and some are so fond of viscose that just can not imagine his life without her. Viscose things and also sew for the winter. They are perfectly drawn and perfectly warm.

How to understand that the fabric is viscose?

As this material has unique properties, determine its «authenticity» is not a difficult task. The first distinguishing feature of viscose – a natural luster. If not, then most likely, you some other material. Shade viscose is always very bright and saturated. Does not happen dull viscose. The following distinctive property of this material is it’s strength. To check it easier on clothes and shoes. If you touch the products of viscose, you will feel that they are cold and smooth. Not is rough viscose.

how to distinguish fabric viscose

You can define viscose experimentally at home. As part of textiles includes wood, during combustion the product emits a scent of burnt paper. If you burn a piece viscose material, you will find a very bright flame, the combustion of which, the fabric is rapidly consumed by flame. When the tissue is burned, it will crumble.

What are the properties of viscose?

To date, alternatives to the viscose there, and unlikely, because this wonderful material has a number of useful properties.

In industry there are three types of fiber material: staple, automotive and textile. The type of fibers and the manufacturing technology depends on how it will look in the future of the product. It can be shiny or matte, light or slightly heavier, textured or smooth. Pure viscose is similar to silk, primarily for its smoothness and luster. Today’s technologies really allow to make a product more viscose matte, remove the Shine using the usage of a special matting agents.

Fabric from viscose is very soft, so it is so nice and easy worn. Despite the technology of artificial production, viscose is not synthetic. In addition, wear in the summer is indispensable, because this material is able to absorb a huge amount of moisture, which is not to say, for example, on cotton products. Also, another advantage of this material is that it is not electrified.

properties of viscose

Viscose is easily stained in different colors. Therefore, the market of textile services has many offers of viscose products in various colors, sizes and styles.

Today’s technology of production of viscose allows the use of special reinforcing fibers, with the result that such clothing is very durable.

Environmentalists may prefer products from viscose without any fear, because in order to utilize it does not need to harm the environment.

What are the advantages of viscose?

Among the main advantages of this material are the following:

  • Products of viscose very pleasant to the body, so wearing them

perhaps both summer and winter. Summer viscose clothing is not electrified and does not cause excessive sweating like synthetics, and winter – very warm.

  • Viscose clothing is very durable.
  • Viscose fabric excellent drape.
  • You can easily dye viscose fiber fabric in any color, by the introduction of the dye.
  • Viscose never fade.
  • This material is much easier than any other natural material, e.g. cotton.
  • Viscose can absorb considerable amounts of moisture, making clothes made of viscose are simply not interchangeable in the hot summer season.
  • The disposal of the viscose does not harm the environment.
  • Viscose fabric is very hygienic.
  • Viscose is not an allergen, so people with allergies can wear such clothes without any fear.

advantages of viscose

Disadvantages of rayon:

  • Heavy enough fabric maintenance.
  • High risk of deformation of the products after washing.
  • The viscose product over time can «sit», to stretch and change the original size.

In order to avoid these unpleasant problems, you need to know the basic rules of care of things, which include viscose.

Rules care products from viscose

To care of such things is not difficult, important to observe important rule: viscose does not tolerate machine washing and machine drying. So the best way is hand washing. But here there are nuances. When you wash viscose clothing, in any case, do not use aggressive detergents. It is best to take the powder for hand washing and all. If you still wash by hand, you can not or do not want, select on the washing machine delicate washing.

viscose knitwear

Next, after you have washed and rinsed the product, do not overdo it with his twisting. If this is allowed, it will surely lose the form and then return it afterwards. Therefore, to avoid this, slightly wring out rayon clothing, but in no case do not stretch it.

Also viscose does not like hot irons. You have very neatly or hang to dry product is that it does not get crushed, or to enable a special mode to iron with a minimum steam temperature. In most irons, this mode is called «silk». Technology Ironing viscose is not complicated, just take a damp cloth, cover it product and ironed it.

If you follow these rules, the product of the viscose will last you a very long time.

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