What is Virt?

The concept of «virtual» can be understood in different ways. In any case, it is directly connected to the Internet and communication in it. There are also several other interpretations. If a person wants to learn what is virtual reality, it needs to pay attention to all available values.

what is Virt

What is Virt?

Typing in the search engine the word «virtual» persons likely to receive information about a literary work. Virt, or, in the original language, «Vurt» is a book created by Jeff Nun.

He was born in the late fifties in the UK. After graduating from University and having worked in a bookstore for five years, he began to write books, the first of which was «Virtual». The works of Jeff Noon a called fiction, but the official genre is cyberpunk.

In this book, «Virt» called trip-dreams. Getting to them, as if a person receives a drug, of which there are many. This world looks like as an alternative to Manchester, filled with shadow people, Robo-dogs and other such creatures.

The plot is based on the fact that Scribble was lost in the virtual his sister Desdemona. Instead, the world was an alien with tentacles. The main character must sneak into the depths of Wirth and to make the reverse exchange.

the book of Virt

What is virtual communication?

To understand what is Virt in the field of communication, quite easy if you pay attention to what this word stands for the concept of the virtual. Thus, the word «virtual» can understand communication on the Internet.

Of course, if two people just exchange e-mails or social networks, discussing work or neutral matters, then this cannot be considered as Virt. Very often, this concept is used, if the conversations are sexual in nature. Simply put, can be considered Wirth sex on the Internet, which is carried out by relevant correspondence.

There are so-called virtual chats in which the person randomly chosen companion, ready for communication of this kind. As a rule, everything is done anonymously. The case can happen on any other resource, for example, provide a video link with a random interlocutor, as well as in social networks.

Wirth communication

Wirth in a broad sense

Sometimes the word «virtual» does not understand the sexual descriptions of the actions for a specific purpose, but something more abstract. Virt can be called flirting on the Internet or a kind of long-distance relationships.

In this sense the question becomes very difficult. Such communication of different people. Some believe that finding love online is impossible, while others personally familiar with situations where two people overcame the distance to be together.

Often the purpose of Virta is not finding a life partner. People can just be entertained in this way, away from everyday problems. On the one hand, this is good, as no false hopes, on the other hand, this communication may easily be perceived by only one participant, while another is already firmly believe in warm feelings.

virtual flirting

How to start a virtual flirt?

Today there are many resources where you can anonymously (or not) to start a conversation with a person. If you want to achieve of virtual flirting (for any purpose), you should pay attention to several factors.

First, you need to attract the interlocutor’s attention and to challenge him to a dialogue. If it happens in a social network, you can start from the information available in the profile and use it to formulate a topic of conversation. In chat rooms don’t have this problem – just write to the person «hi.»

The second step is more difficult – it is necessary to maintain the interest of the interlocutor and to reach out to him. It is not necessary to operate with banal phrases like «how are you» and «what to do». It is best to ask about the interests and dreams. A couple of days ago, when you stop communicating you start talking about yourself.

Finally, without common interests, is unlikely to do. Fortunately, you can find common ground at least in the movies, if not found similar Hobbies and music preferences.

What will virtual flirting, it is difficult to predict. Thinking this communication with the aim just to have fun, people can not be confident that, ultimately, will not sit for hours in front of the monitor waiting for the cherished messages.

communication on the Internet

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