What is transgender?

The world evolves, there are new a variety of phenomena, which are given different names. This creates a large number of modern terminology in which it is difficult to understand. For example, what is transgender?

what is transgender

The etymology of the word

As is often the case, to understand what is transgender, you can use the values hidden within the words. The modern term formed from the English language, however, before this concept existed in Latin.

The word «rod» in Latin meaning «kind». Later in English the word «gender» with the same value. All that remains is to add to the component term «TRANS». In Latin she was known as the word «transire» which was translated as «cross the lines».

Today, the word «TRANS» is seen as some psychological changes in consciousness. If you string together all these concepts, you can grasp the essence of the term.

What is transgender?

With the help of etymology, it became clear that the meaning of the word is in the psychological changes from the point of view of gender. Simply put, transgender people – people who believe that belong to another floor.

Relevant to this question of different people. However, although many people believe that transgender as sexual orientation, are the pernicious elements of modernity, in fact, this existed for a long time.

Of course, to find accurate scientific information about what the woman considered herself a man, or Vice versa, is unlikely, however, much can be understood by the old myths and legends. They quite often pop up situation when people by «transformation» has acquired a different gender, and it was considered perfectly normal.

Most likely, transgender people existed almost always, however, only the modern rules allow them to Express themselves.


Who are transgender people?

Transgender is based on the moment when a person realizes that his gender doesn’t quite fit. Very often this happens in very early childhood, therefore we can say that transgenders are born, not made. However, awareness of this kind can occur in adulthood.

People, dissatisfied with her sex, experiencing serious psychological distress, often suffers from the fact that he has to hide his condition. Fortunately, in the modern world there are so-called «operation sex change» (actually is a continuous set of activities), and for many it becomes a real salvation.

To define transgender for the external data is unlikely, especially if that person hides their inner discomfort. As a rule, a person who wants to become a woman, after all, not walking around in a dress on the street, and if he does that then define his male gender appearance is not so easy.


Facts about transgenderism

Now that clear about what is transgender and a transgender, you should pay attention to some facts that you need to learn in relation to this phenomenon.

  • Transgender people are not sick, they can be treated. These people are not considered mentally ill.
  • Transgender is not a modern phenomenon; it has existed almost always changed people’s attitude to this fact.
  • Personal definition of their own gender has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Often couples, in which one of the spouses has a sex change remain.
  • Not every transgender is solved on a long process of procedures and operations, popularly called «sex change operation». For some similar, in principle, impossible for medical reasons.
  • The transgender transition can occur at any age.
  • After the «sex change» has the right to change their documents to the new name and gender. However, this can take years.


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