What is tolerance — definition

The word «tolerance» means condescending attitude to someone else’s, life position, to the behavior of others. This term has a specific designation, because it refers to different spheres. In most cases, it is found in such forms:

  • Religious tolerance.
  • Medical tolerance.
  • National tolerance.
  • Sexual-orientation tolerance.

what is tolerance

In the modern world very widely are problems regarding respect for people towards each other. It is tolerance that is the place to be here. This problem should be solved not only on the street when communicating, but also in medicine, at the state level.

Religious tolerance

Religion is a factor that unites people. Everyone is their own, and it is foolish not to respect the religion of a particular country. No one forces Orthodox believers to become Catholics and Vice versa, but to have a tolerant attitude to the faith needs every. Today it is possible to note a sufficient number of racists who have a disrespectful attitude towards foreigners, which often can be seen on the streets of the city.

The manifestation of religious tolerance must be expressed in the following:

  • Tolerance towards other faiths.
  • Tolerance between believers and nonbelievers in God.
  • Tolerance towards representatives of other faiths.
  • Tolerance of sectarian movements.

religious tolerance

Everyone has their belief and purpose in life, which is why you can’t judge him on a particular occasion. Modern people do not know all the values of religion for certain people, they have a negative attitude to it, not realizing the importance of the presence of faith. Be sure to control your emotions and actions, if we are talking about religion, as to other Nations.

Medical tolerance

The definition of what tolerance in medicine is the reduction of the reaction on the further introduction of drugs in the human body. Because the body has adapted to a certain amount of dosage, the positive effect he will need a lot more than it was before.

You can mark the rotary tolerance is when to produce the desired result, on the contrary, it is necessary to reduce the dose and cross-tolerance, and then, taking a certain drug can increase tolerance to another drug.

medical tolerance

In medicine, tolerance is very widely regarded in the case of reception of narcotics and psychotropic substances. Tolerance to these drugs increases immediately after use. That is, using Mexalen in one dose only once, for the following positive effect body will need a few large part of the dosage.

National tolerance

Tolerance is the ability to perceive the thoughts and words of a man without aggression, to respond adequately to its deeds and actions. Under the term of national tolerance is considered to be tolerant and lenient attitude to something. The most important factors are communication and thought, the personal freedom of the person. Due to tolerance can be considered personal position of the individual.

It is very important to learn to understand where the desired tolerance, and in some cases you can do without it. No need to shift their tolerance for patience. It should only be the case if towards you is respect and loyalty. Do not endure the humiliation and violation of human rights, in such cases, the tolerance will not occur.

national tolerance


National tolerance is a complex term, which you well understand. It carries the definition of social, moral and democratic values.

Sexual-orientation tolerance

This kind of tolerance means tolerance of non-traditional appearance. Every year the world has witnessed more couples, which are based on two men and two women. Through dozens of years, probably it will become popular and recognized in our country. Despite such a sharp attitude of others, same-sex marriage are still present. In countries where marriage with a homosexual person is prohibited, it is possible to meet quite a lot of civil marriages, which nothing can stop.

There are many varieties of tolerance, but perhaps today it is given a somewhat lower value and attention. Besides the above types, you can still note less important:

  • Interclass.
  • Educational.
  • Gender.
  • Marginal.
  • Political and other.

Sexual-orientation tolerance

Each carries a specific meaning, so sometimes such kinds of tolerance must also be considered. They only call for kindness, loyalty and respect for a particular class of people or groups.

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