What is the wipe?

What is the wipe? This word comes from English and means the wipe – erase. The wipe is complete or partial deletion of any data. Partial deletion frees the memory but the information stored. But a full format is forced to remove blocks which stored the data. All files are completely removed, and each bit is replaced with zero.

The value

Often the word wipe used in online gaming and refers to the zeroing of the base characters. It is possible to meet such a designation and on the forums that has a value of replacing the old posts with new.

Wipe cleaning is complete peace. Removed the card, the database of all servers, and everything that is connected with the players.

the transition to the new server 

Varieties of wipes

The gaming website wipes depend on its administrator. That is, he determines their types on the server. There are three main types:

  • In which the removal of all data.
  • Not a complete wipe. In this case, the information is formatted completely. Players can manage to drag part of the important data in your game inventory.
  • Often there is a wipe that is called «Transition to a different version». This is a complete wipe, as all information is deleted. But the server goes to the improved version. If there are plugins/mods, they are updated. In rare cases, the transition from full wipe. It is possible to keep some valuable information.

When possible?

Deleting information about registered accounts and players occurs in the following cases:

  1. Erasure of all information takes place after beta testing. After release, all players should have equal conditions and equal chances to win.
  2. Can independently apply for deletion, if not satisfied with the server features class. Also often, the deletion occurs in case if the player never plans to return to the game.
  3. If the account was hacked and he lost valuable virtual items, the site administration can block access to it. In rare cases, is its complete removal. Although the administration has an opportunity to regain access, but to do that, you need a long chat with technical support.

How else might happen wipe?

Also a wipe called loss from most heroes. For example, if a fight occurs between multiple teams, and one of them has lost too many members, then further passing the job to her it is impossible.

In addition, the wipe may be a technical failure. Server crash and can’t handle exerted on them by the load. Possible external cyber attack. Anyway, the site administrators should make the necessary arrangements. Possible buy accounts for a few hours or days ago to a technical failure.



Wipe is a program for smartphones, designed to remove data. In fact, with it reset to factory settings.

Can it be avoided?

If the site administrator decided to remove all the information, then you can avoid this will not work. You can just leave the server if the data has been completely deleted. Otherwise you have to start the game from the beginning. If part of the information still will be able to save, you can continue to play.

While the wipes occur on any server, even if all stated that it is «beaupuy project.» The need for such decisions to the administrator about making the money, bringing in new players. But to give up games is not only because someday all data will be deleted. After all, the virtual world can lift spirits and bring lots of positive emotions.

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