What is Whatsapp WhatsApp

Today, almost everyone knows what you. Many it is installed on the smartphone or tablet. This is a unique free application allows you to be constantly in touch with your friends, exchanging interesting information. However, there are those who still do not understand why we need you.

What is the Watts App

What is you and what is it used for

Watts is APPA called multifunctional free app that can be installed on any gadget running on Android and other operating systems. Among the main objectives of the program:

  • sending a text message;
  • the implementation of a voice call between users;
  • the ability to insert text messages, graphic, audio and other files;
  • record voice messages that will be immediately forwarded to the selected user;
  • individual and group communication, which are private chats;
  • the organization of interest groups;
  • collective sending of messages.

what you need

With a simple interface to use application everyone can. The control is touch-sensitive, and every action is accompanied by an auxiliary.

How to download app

For use of Vats APPA, you must install it on your gadget. You can find it in the app store. Enough in the search line to dial WhatsApp and click the appropriate download button. Immediately after the automatic download, you will be able to log in to the app.

how to download you

First run

To operate the PBX APPA you need a working SIM card and an active Internet connection. Immediately after opening the program you need to enter the phone number with country code. After submitting this, your phone will receive a message that the code required to complete the activation. Some devices allow you to complete the registration automatically, and some you will need to enter the code manually.

How does the Watts App

Depending on what operating system is installed on your gadget, the application may have a different appearance. But the available functions will be identical. What this includes:

  1. The Tab «Call». It is needed for voice communication between participants. Displays information about all changes made and received calls. The functionality of the tabs is the same as the phone book of the smartphone.
  2. The Tab «Chats». Here you can see all the groups you are in. After downloading this folder will be empty.
  3. Menu «Contacts». Scanning the data on your smartphone, the app will show all your contacts. To use them you will be able in Vats Appe. To start a chat or send a file, you simply click on the corresponding name.
  4. Search. This feature will be useful for those who have a lot of dialogue, in which it is difficult to find the right. So here you can enter keywords.
  5. «New message». This button is useful to start the conversation or create a group.
  6. Button parameters. It consists of different units that need to be considered separately.

How does the Watts App

Among the options you can find:

  • «The new group» is used to create groups in which to communicate with multiple users of the application.
  • «New broadcast» is used to create the message you want to send to multiple users. To use this feature, enter text and select users.
  • Menu «WhatsApp Web» gives you the opportunity to use the service using a personal computer. To use it, you must log on to the website and copy the QR code. The device will give you the necessary instruction.
  • «Selected messages». Shown here with the messages. To do this, log in to your correspondence and open the menu at the top. To do this, press and hold the message. In the menu that appears click on the star, and the selected message is sent to «Selected».
  • «Status». This feature allows you to set the status.
  • Settings. Here you will discover a list of available options, from choice of name to establish the background.
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