What is Viber and how it works?

One of the best programs for communicating over large distances is Viber. This app can be installed on any device with Internet access, and use it to contact any subscriber at any convenient for you mode free and at any time. If you still don’t know what is Viber and how to use it, the following information will be very useful for you.

How to use Viber

What makes this app?

Viber is a completely unique app, in fact it is not only economic, but also extremely easy to use, so easy to understand the interface of man is far from «high-tech». Using this service, you will not be difficult to call the person on the other end of the planet, or to share photos or messages with other users. And it’s all free, regardless of whether you connect to the network via Wi-Fi or using GPRS. Also can not please the speed at which the app is downloaded, because the App works much faster than its predecessors, such as the well known Skype. The only thing you need is uninterrupted Internet access and, of course, install the program on your device.

The main advantages of the program:

  • Clear sound and high quality connection.
  • The ability to make free calls worldwide.
  • Easy and intuitive interface.
  • No need for a permanent authorization.
  • Economical consumption of battery life.

All these advantages have allowed Viber not only rise to the top of the list of the best apps of this kind, but to get the most active users of social networks.

What is Viber

The installation of the program

For that to start using Viber, you must first download this application on your device. You can do it from the official page of the program, or in any store virtual applications on your smartphone. You do not need to worry about installing programs, because it will start automatically after download.

Especially lucky for those who wants to chat via Viber via mobile phones. For them, this app is fully translated into Russian language. For PC users there is only the English version of the program. But due to its simplicity, to use the Viber will be able to people, even with minimal knowledge of the language. If you feel any complication, then the official website has full instructions on the use of the service.

Today the program is available for such platforms as BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, Linux, iOS, Bada. To install Viber on the phone without operating system is not possible.

Check Viber

Account registration

The process of registration will take you no more than a few minutes. All you have to do is bind to the account your phone number in international format. After these steps, you’ll be able to take advantage of free Internet calls worldwide. In addition, the list your subscribers will be added all persons from the phonebook of the smartphone, which also set the stage programme.

First, each account looks pretty standard, but you can always stand out, for example, linking to your profile interesting avatar or personal photo. In addition, you can change your «nick» or add status – all in the best traditions of social media.

The program interface is simple and will be familiar to anyone who familiar with smartphones, because their menu is hardly different from each other. Here you will find the same options: contacts, call log, messages, and account settings. So deal is not difficult even for a beginner.

How to install Viber

Installation on a PC

If desired, the application can be moved to «wide screen». For this you need to download and install a special version of software for personal computers. Next, you will need to enter a phone number registered in the application and to confirm their authorization. This can be done in two ways: scanning a bar code with the camera of a smartphone or to write the password SMS. While you will be able to switch between the two devices. If, for example, started a conversation with the computer, and for some reason want to continue it on your smartphone, you do not need to interrupt the call. It is sufficient to click a special button with the phone image.

What you can do in Viber?

The simplicity of the main menu and the interface in General will allow you to quickly understand all of the basic functions of the program. Since all numbers are automatically transferred to the contact list, then you don’t have to do it manually or to spend time looking for this or that subscriber, they will immediately appear in front of you. You can then select any person from the list and call or send messages.

Another feature of this program is visually well-designed chat application. While you always have the ability to change at will the colour of the main background or theme. In addition, it is possible to significantly diversify its communication with the huge number of emoticons and «stickers» that you can get for free or purchase in a special section of the service.

Another useful feature is the transmission of audio messages, through which you can share with your friends favorite song. In addition, this app allows subscribers to share their photos and images, and even to convey to the interlocutor his own painted picture.

Installing Viber on PC

Savings with Viber

Many of us spend considerable sums on phone calls to friends and relatives via the mobile operators. The rates are constantly rising, and the majority of subscribers are required to pay monthly fees for the services are quite often used not in full. In this case, Viber is a good solution to the problem. After all, in order to contact the subscriber, you do not need to pay for the call. Enough to have access to the Internet. And when you consider that almost every step you can find free Wi-Fi access, this service will help you to save a lot of money, and completely abandon the services of mobile operators.

Benefits of the program Viber

In addition, this application will allow you to communicate with relatives and friends not only through a regular call or message. With Viber you can talk with the person in the video, and it is absolutely free. You need only to log on and dial the desired subscriber. Note that to speak with the person in video is only possible with the presence of frontal or web camera on your device. No mobile operator will offer you more favorable terms, even if you have no access to Wi-Fi networks and you pay for mobile Internet. This especially applies to calls to another country or continent.

Along with free services Viber and offers a chargeable call to any phone number not registered in the system. In order to do it you need to credit your personal account via the service Viber Out. There you can find rates for such calls. By the way, they will cost much cheaper than most mobile operators.

Video instruction

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