What is the thesis in the Russian language and literature? Examples.

Almost everyone in his life ever heard the concept of «thesis». This is one of those words whose meaning is intuitively understandable. However, to precisely articulate what is the thesis in the Russian language and literature, does not always work.

what is the thesis

What is the thesis?

This word refers to many meanings, and its use in different spheres of life. Most often the use to do with science and philosophy, but the term is also used in literature and music, and can also act as a personal name.

To understand what thesis in literature or any field, it is not so difficult if you pay attention to the etymology of the word. It is taken from the Greek language, which translates as «provisions» or «approval.» Thus, the word thesis means some key idea, expressed briefly, in one sentence.

This concept is especially important when you are creating annotation in the literature. Abstract is a brief summary of anything, the original characteristics of the work. As a rule, they are made of many abstracts, that is, the key provisions. Such annotations often write to research papers and term papers.

the key idea

Thesis in logic

In science this concept is most often associated with the description of any works, and in the sphere of logic this term is crucial for the process of justification. When it is necessary to explain some phenomenon, one must operate with thesis, are required to have their arguments.

When someone tries to prove the faithfulness (or unfaithfulness) of a certain thesis, it needs to follow two rules. The first is that the content of the initial approval should not be changed until the end of the discussion. This arises often trying to argue as it is not a very valid argument, one gradually replaces it with a more accurate and powerful.

examples of abstracts

The second rule is that such statements should not to prevent ambiguity. Their formulation should be clear to avoid ambiguity or uncertainty. Often creates a situation when brings brings a certain argument, but it remains unclear what exactly he was trying to prove.

In logic, examples of theses are controversial statements that incite discussion. Classic versions is a statement like «God exists» and «contemporary art has no good artists».



The name given to the electronic document management system that is widely used in various processes. She automatiseret the management of some elements of business, such as document management or records management.

System THESIS was developed in Russia in 2010. Since then, she has had time to be updated several times, and some updates occurred in one year. From mid-2016, the program got in a Single register.

The functionality Abstracts related to various aspects. For example, the system is able to manage tasks. It is engaged in the production, control the timing, with it you can assign the controller and the executors. All projects can easily be imported from Microsoft Project.

From the viewpoint of document management, the program allows you to create on the basis of existing problems, which makes it easy to get the approval, give a clear right of access, and also has a number of attachments. The THESIS is equipped with an electronic office and the wide variety of modules.

system thesis

Other meanings of the word thesis

This concept can be used in the analysis of beats in music. One can observe shock and unstressed components. Unstressed, that is the easy part, will be called arisumi and heavy, shock – theses.

This word is used in the philosophy of Hegel. It is used to signify the initial stage of development of dialectics. If it’s about linguistics, in this case, the concept of acts the phrases «the thesis of the verbal system» and «abstract nominative». Concepts are different, depending on whether the predicate verb.

Finally, there is another answer to the question, what is the thesis in the literature. It can be associated with versification. And the proportion of the foot that will not have the rhythmical accent is called the thesis.


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