What is the text?

What is the text? Surely everyone roughly understands what is the meaning of the word, but to give a precise definition will be able not all. Moreover, it is not always clear what can be considered a text, and what is just a set of proposals.

what is the text

What is the text?

Interestingly, the etymology of the word almost has nothing to do with writing and literature. In Latin language there is the concept of «textus» and it can be translated as «fabric» or «combination.

So, what is the text? This term can give the following definition is a human thought that is fixed in a tangible medium. It is coherent and consistent.

This word can be given several interpretations. One of them is immanent. Immanence is a philosophical category, that is a generalized concept, which means the connection of opposites. From the point of view of immanence, the text is an Autonomous reality, which has an internal structure.

A different interpretation is given in terms of representativeness. In this case, the text is seen as a particular form of knowledge representation about reality.

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The text in linguistics

Most often, if people are interested in what the text, he wants to consider this question from the point of view of linguistics. Interestingly, this study understands the word widely – this includes oral speech.

A very important aspect to consider is its perception by different people. Often this affects the interpretation. For example, Ilya Romanovich Galperin has identified a text as «written notice that consists of statements that have moral character, literary processed.»

Text features

There are a number of signs which should be taken by almost any written material to be considered a text. For example, it should consist of sentences, and there should be two or more.

If you offer one, no matter how widespread and complex it is, the text it will not be considered. The fact that one of the main features is the possibility of division into independent sentences. Although common phrase and can be divided, their combination will depend on the laws of syntax that has very little to do with the text.

However, it is not enough to take any two sentences to create a text. One sign is the semantic integrity or unity of the object of speech. The point is that the text should be devoted to a specific topic.

If a lot of offers, that theme is often divided into a few additional, so-called sub-themes or topics. However, the General meaning should remain consistent.

Thus, any text should be devoted to some thoughts expressed in complete form. All proposals should be linked from the point of view of logic, and it should be possible to find the title.


Text styles

Texts occur not only in fiction, and in this regard, there are several styles and types.

If the proposals are talking about events that are rich in verbs and nouns, then they are the story. If the text focuses on the story about the properties of some object, such as the beauty of sunrise, operates a variety of adjectives, it is called description. Finally, written often are abstract thoughts of a person on any matter – this will be the reasoning.

All three types of text may also vary in style. In summary there are five main options.

  • Scientific style is the preliminary deliberation of each statement, often used monologues. Words and phrasing are chosen very strictly, depending on the immediate objective of the message. Scientific texts should be able to explain various facts, and to demonstrate causal relationships.
  • If the text is written in a conversational style, so it is used in informal circles. Usually so the author tells about some domestic issues as simple as possible. The proposal can be present colloquialisms and slang.
  • Often, when a person is faced with a text, it is art. All those stories and novels that we study in school, read in adult life belong to art style. It is intended to affect the imagination and emotions of the person who reads. Through different images are transmitted to the personal feelings of the author.
  • Often, people are faced with a journalistic style. Reading a newspaper or magazine, listening to someone’s speech, looking through ads and brochures, one has to deal with texts, designed in a journalistic style. This includes all articles, essays and reports.
  • Finally, people are forced to deal with the official-business style. Dealing with bureaucratic issues, solving cases at work, in business, dealing with laws, people read, sign, and is the official business texts. They are resistant form, although, of course, they have appear over time, some changes.

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