What is the state?

On TV, the Internet in everyday life – everywhere are increasingly began to appear the word state. People actively discuss politics, criticize decisions and military actions. It is important for everyone to Express their opinion on such complex issues, and while not everyone clearly understands what a state.

what is the state


Many people determined the meaning of the word. Consider it from the standpoint of international law and in a scientific manner. For a start, you should learn more about the etymology of this word.

Its roots the word «state» found in the old Russian term «Tsar». So called people who ruled the city in the times of ancient Rus. This concept was associated with other, more ancient words. «Sovereign» was formed from «owner» or «gospodarstwa», which, in turn, came from the well-known word «Lord.»


What is the state? The key definition

Previously, under government understood the entire territory that belonged to a certain «Prince». Today, the answer to the question «what is the state?» goes something like this.

It is a certain organization that has political power and a number of special mechanisms that allow us to control people and force them to do anything in a particular area. However, this area must have sovereignty.

Other interpretations

Starting from the word «organization», you can create another definition. According to them, the state is a kind of independent organization that brings together under a territory with population and capital. The government itself, the army and key resources are located in the capital.

All major goals and objectives of every state should be described in detail in the founding documents like the Constitution, laws and doctrines.

Interestingly, so far there is no clear definition of this term, which would be considered legally or science generally. Even the largest organizations, such as the UN, do not have the right to decide which faction is government and what is not.

However, in science many people have tried to define this word. For example, according to Art. St. Lazarus is the political power of society, which has a coercive apparatus through which are formed the interests of the ruling class.

If you refer to dictionaries and interpretations, it is possible to detect that the state is the organization of society, which produces it management and security. It can also be a particular country, which controls the organization. It also protects the economy and social aspect.


Properties of the state

A key factor of any state is the number of methods that allow you to maintain the integrity of the organization. With their help ensured the sovereignty, established rules and traditions. These methods regulate the relationships with the people and other States.

According to the official, the state created in order to protect the rights of people to keep the relationship between them, and also to ensure safety of life and property. The government should pay attention to not only material but also spiritual values. Thus, such organizations should care about the moral component, justice, the environment and medicine.

Now States are almost everywhere. They are not only in Antarctica and several nearby Islands. Only about two hundred States.


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