What is the society definition and types

Very often we hear such expressions as: «This is a civilized society!», «In this society so it is not accepted!». But do all these words? What is Society?

what is society

Society can call a group of people who have a certain territory in common, they have their own values and their own legal system, which is mandatory for all its members, as they are strictly regulated by mandatory rules of conduct and social norms.

Even historically, when only a man is born, he is already in a certain structure which completely controls him and tells him what to do. He can’t make an independent choice, and it is society that determines his life. But thanks to the community, our ancestors were able to connect together, and to survive in difficult living conditions. You should know that the word «society» and «communicate» are the same root. From this we can draw the following conclusion, that no society could be formed without the means of communication. Therefore, society is a circle of individuals who constantly interact with each other.

a society of people

To define the term «Society» can such a scientific discipline as sociology. In her opinion, this concept has two meanings. First, a society can be called social education, which is viewed from historical, geographical, economic and political point of view. In the second case, society is understood as a social reality.

Signs companies

The society also has its own criteria by which it can be determined:

  • There should be a single territory, which is the material basis which occurs in its territory and social relations.
  • It must be universal.
  • Must be capable of independent existence.

What properties should have a society?

The society also has a major distinctive feature. It is constantly in motion. It grows. And the company also has its own properties. First of all, society should be capable of Autonomous existence. In the modern world, of course, can not live without external connections, but a group of people should be able to function independently in case of loss of external contacts. This must be attributed and the ability of self-regulation, through which the group can operate independently.

properties companies

The society is also its socio-cultural unity. It is the commonality of political and social institutions, such as state, economy, education, family and language.

And most importantly, society must be self-sufficient. Must be sovereignty.

Therefore, the state is just created with the purpose to serve the society and to perform certain tasks:

  • To act as arbitrator, if the interests of the groups intersect with each other, to establish proper order.
  • To be the force that can bring people together.
  • Not only to install but also to maintain public order.
  • To create optimal conditions for the existence of society.

Industrial society

For example, sometimes industrial society. Such a society has a high economic development, with developed industry. In such a society there is division of labour, goods are produced EN masse, and the production is the most machinesyoung and automated.

varieties of companies

Informative society

There is also information society. It has most of the work produces, stores, processes and sells the information. In this group, people are more interested in cultural leisure, than material values. Such a society can be identified by the following features:

  • Information has priority over other products of human activity.
  • The subject of sale is only information.
  • Any member of society has an equal right of access to information.

Civil society

There is also civil society. It is characterized by a non-state private entities, citizens, which aimed at the development of individual and group interests. The main principles of such a group are that:

  • The interests of society are lower than the interests of the individual.
  • The main value is individual freedom, which does not have the right to interfere nobody.
  • Such a society is formed by that between individuals is a social contract that forms a protective structure between the individual and the government.

Traditional society

Also, we all know such a thing as traditional society. It differs in that this group includes people with different levels of development, in which no Mature industrial complex. A group of people in traditional values. Agriculture is the main determining factor in the development.


Such a society is characterized by the following characteristics:

  • The level of production is able to meet only the minimum needs of consumers.
  • Any kind of innovations almost impossible to implant.
  • Any social education sanctified by tradition, therefore it is impossible to even think about changing it.

Joint-stock company

Along with these groups there is also the so-called joint stock company. It belongs to the category of commercial entities that are registered and operate under its rules. And each party has a specific share in the authorized capital of the organization, which is presented in the form of shares. To incur material damages to a shareholder only to the extent of the value of its existing shares. To carry out their activities such an organization can only be in accordance with the rules of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. Joint stock companies are of two types:

  • Open – in this case, the shareholder can sell their shares to any interested person. For this purpose it is not necessary to take consent of other shareholders.
  • Closed – to sell their shares to outsiders, and to involve them will be difficult.

Now you know exactly what is society and what species it is.

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