What is SNILS

Social package, which are given to all citizens of the Russian Federation, is constantly expanding. And with it, an increasing number of documents they receive. One of them, such as INN, we are used to. The mention of the other often causes some confusion. Such documents can include social security number, which is not yet known. What is the social security number, and to which it should apply?


What is the social security number and the procedure for registration

SNILS literally means «insurance number of individual personal account». How it looks you can see in the photo.


If the transfer of insurance contributions, working citizen or his employer transfer to the Fund all data reflected in this account. Here, see information about the seniority of the insured person, information about entrepreneurial activities. All this is necessary for the calculation of future pensions.

Working citizens get a social security number at the place of employment. For its design at the conclusion of the employment contract by the employee filled in the relevant questionnaire, which is sent to the employer. That, in turn, verifies all the data and transmits them to the FIU where you open the personal account of the person and issue him certificate.

There is the opportunity to apply for a clearance certificate to the nearest office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Usually it takes a few weeks. During this period, all the data of the insured person entered into a single database, and available evidence.

The loss of the certificate, the person must, within 45 days to write the application form in the nearest office of the Pension Fund and to order a duplicate document.

SNILS for children

Families with children, while making them of the certificate, have the right to appeal to appropriate services for social benefits or benefits in accordance with applicable law. This document is the identifier for the data owner, which operates in all regions of the Russian Federation. Only having a social security number you can apply for a social and free medical care. He gives the right to a reduced fare in public transport.


Because children have a right to certain types of state or Federal social programs, it is necessary to issue a social security number. In the future you intend to use it as a number of documents, including student tickets.

The procedure for registration for minors is no different from the procedure in adults. For this child under 14 years of age must present a birth certificate, documents of one of the parents and a statement from the adult on the child’s registration in the unified system of the FIU. Today, developed a program of issuing documents via the Internet.

The validity of the certificate

Social security number does not expire. You need to change it in case when insured person change any personal data – name, passport number etc. In case of loss, receive a new certificate for the same account number.

The validity of the certificate

Design EXPLAINED for a person who is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, but officially employed in the country

If the alien is in the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 6 months and while officially employed, he also must obtain a social security number. At checkout, the person receives a personal account is required to enroll in the retirement savings. In order to receive, you should contact the nearest office of the Pension Fund, where you will be asked to provide the necessary list of documents:

  • passport;
  • employment contract, along with information about the employer with which he concluded;
  • the certificate of registration on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • the migration card.
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