What is the scale for what is needed and what it shows

To depict objects that have a size of more than one sheet on which you plan to draw, we use the notion of how a scale. What is the scale? What is this concept and how it applies in practice?

What is the scale

With the German language, the word «masstab» literally translates as «measuring stick.» That shows the scale? This value shows how the ratio of the size of the original object and its image. It is commonly used in mathematics, geography, cartography, modeling, programming, engineering and other Sciences. Simply put, scale is the ratio of the real and the depicted size.

What are the scales

The scale specified on the drawing or map can be represented as a number or graphically. Therefore, there are several different types of scale:

  1. Numerical. He is depicted as a fraction and is commonly used in the preparation of maps. An example is the topographic map, where it looks like this: 1:1 000. Thus the true length of a line is 1 thousand times more than the length of the segment represented on this map.
  2. Named. This is necessary in order to be able to know which value specifically is taken the scale of the map. It looks like this: 1 cm to 1 km, and used in geographical maps.
  3. Linear. Used in the preparation of various maps. It looks like a kind ruler, divided into separate graphs, which correspond to the desired sizes.
  4. Cross. This species is a more complex version of the graphic scale. It is commonly used for measurements that require precision.

How to use the scale

What scale and what it shows has already been learned. But how to use it correctly? For example, on the map there are two villages A and B, and you need to know what the distance between them. According to the map, the map scale is 1:50 000. To determine the distance between two points, measure with a normal ruler, the distance that there is between them on the map. We got 5 cm Now, we have 5 multiply by 0.5 (since according to the scale of 1 cm of the map is 0.5 km in reality). After simple calculations, we obtained that the distance between towns A and B is equal to 2.5 km.

Varieties of card

What scale is one of the main criteria by which to classify maps. On this basis, all the cards are divided into:

  1. A large-scale.
  2. Medium-sized.
  3. Small-scale.

The terrain shown on a large-scale graphic map will be more detailed and larger scale plotted on the map, the more respectively different objects, we can show you.

Small-scale geographical maps are used to transfer data on continents or hemispheres. Medium size suitable for image countries. And on a large scale, it is customary to show small objects. Typically used by tourists, military, etc.

The scale of the drawing

With this concept the school program introduces not only in geography but also in the drawing. Here it is used for detailed images of various items. From the geographical scale, the drawing has, on the contrary, it is used to zoom in on small details or parts. For example, to show the cog, etc.

In this case, scaling helps us to take a closer look a small object. Recorded the scale on the drawing, also in inverted form 100:1. This means that 100 metric object, which is represented in this drawing correspond to 1 unit of its size in reality.

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