What is the right

Jurisprudence originated more than two thousand years ago. In all that time many scientists and philosophers tried to explain what is right.


The concept of the right

Law is a system of rules and regulations, which are mandatory for every member of society. These rules are created to regulate relations between people. This concept is a basic right.

Human rights – the basic Foundation of society. In 1948 adopted the Declaration of human rights, it is the basis of the constitutions of all countries in the world.


This Declaration includes the following rights:

  1. The right to life
  2. To freedom
  3. Integrity
  4. The right to equal laws for all, protection from discrimination
  5. The right to free movement
  6. The right to marry and found a family
  7. The right to own property
  8. The right to freedom of religion and conscience
  9. The right to freedom of opinion
  10. The right to freedom of receiving and dissemination of various information
  11. The right to work and choice of employment
  12. The right to education

Civilized society is based on the above-mentioned rights and freedoms that are protected by the state. Every citizen must feel that he is protected by these norms.

The ambiguity of the term

the judge

Some scientists claim that the right is not the result of the work of the state. It existed initially, before the emergence of state structures. A right is a manifestation of the natural desire of the individual. So we can talk about several senses of the term.

  1. The natural right. Human nature itself has created all the necessary rules and regulations, which became law.

After the birth of man has a number of natural rights to include the right to life, work, freedom of thought. The state does not create these essential rights, its role is to confirm to protect them

  1. The positive law. A right is a way of expressing desires and interests of citizens and social groups to which they belong

All requirements documented and free. The concept of «law» in this sense is also called «positive law»


Classification of law

  • Civil law. This rules governing property and non-property relations between members of society. The main task – the creation of an enabling environment for people’s lives and meet their needs without affecting the state
  • The social right. This set of constitutional rights that guarantee the transfer of wealth from the citizens of the state. This group includes the right to housing and education
  • Criminal law. This important industry associated with the Commission of acts that are criminal in nature. It is important to receive punishment for their actions. Criminal law is a set of rules that establish the grounds for criminal responsibility or exemption from it

The court is

The function of law

The value of the rights is expressed in its functions, there are several:

  1. The regulatory dynamic. She decides what should be the actions of people in the future. The state establishes binding norms that citizens should follow: pay taxes, follow labor discipline
  2. Regulatory and statistical. This pinning feature. Setting fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual, and the powers of the state and officials. All parties involved are given the setup in which they carry out actions
  3. Security. This function is associated with the state, which focused on power solutions. Their implementation is compulsory and gives the society stability and a clear course of action
  4. Evaluation. Determines the legality of actions. If a citizen doing the right thing, the government him no questions

Girl lawyer

The right gives people the freedom and also regulates relations in society, providing stability and confidence in the future.

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