What is the rhythm

Today in the Russian language a lot of concepts that you want to see. In this article we will talk about what the rhythm and notation associated with it. Definitions in various sources very much, but they all have the same meaning. Let us have a detailed look at all the features of rhythm and give him the symbol. The word «rhythm» today has several meanings, is:

  • The rhythm of life.
  • The rhythm of the music.
  • Poetic rhythm.
  • Biorhythm.

What is the rhythm

The General concept of rhythm

The word «rhythm» comes from the Greek language, where Rhytmos means – regularity, consistency. We understand the rhythm of something orderly, regular alternation of certain elements, e.g., movements, sounds.

Also with the help of rhythm, we define:

  • The respiratory rate.
  • The change of seasons.
  • Heartbeat.
  • The pendulum swings and much more.

The rhythm of the music

First and foremost, when we hear the word «rhythm» in our minds appears music, dancing and tunes. Musical rhythm is the alternation in a certain order of long and short sounds. Learning or making a particular tune, the musicians pay attention to the rhythm. To do this, they can use a special device metronome. Music characterized by its rhythms, and they’re different from the rhythms of life, movements and other things.

The rhythm of the music

Rhythm in poetry

In poetry their rhythms, there are rhythmic units:

  • A line or phrase.
  • Stop.
  • Composition.

Natural rhythms

In nature too, a lot of rhythms, because our life consists of them. Rhythm can be called day and night, the change of seasons. With the rhythms of nature linked to the human biorhythm. Many people watch the activity in the daytime, the night time is dominated by passivity. It is not possible to judge the General rhythm, because for each person, they are strictly individual. All this is connected with the physiological processes. Each biorhythm has an impact on the activity, endurance and General well-being.

Natural rhythms

Every rhythm of life is determined by the method and way of human life. If a person is characterized by increased activity at night, and the passivity of the day, the jet lag fully different from the person awake during the day. If you learn how to determine your biorhythms correctly, you can improve the quality of life.

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