What is the relevance

When the user wants to find in the Internet, he drives a search string specific question, and waits for the system relevant issue. But very often they do not. It turns out that the page was not relevant. So what is the relevance?

The concept of relevance

Relevance (relevant — irrelevant) — the text meets required expectations. In other words, this correspondence is sought and found. So, the relevant page is exactly what I was expecting to see a user making a request in the search line. This term was used in modern systems.

What is the relevance

But how the search engine determines this relevancy, as it decides which page in the right moment should offer? This is search relevance that each system calculates using various algorithms. So what is search relevancy?

When the user types his query in Google or Yandex, the system evaluates the documents from its index and selects those that best match the query. Visitors appreciate the work of the search engine by relevance. If the answer did not satisfy the user, he may never want to use this system.

Therefore the main task of search engines is to find the most relevant documents. This affects not only the popularity of the resource, but also on its profits.

The types of search relevance

  • Formal. Using the algorithm compares the query with the document in the search engine. In this way relevancy is calculated without human intervention. All this happens with the help of a search robot for a given formula, based on the data entered.
  • Meaningful. This type is used in the search engines, and to assess the quality of the search. Assistants, called assessors, evaluate the results, comparing them with the query.
  • Pertinently. Such a search is the goal of all search resources. In this case, the information fully satisfies the user.

the concept of relevance

Any search engine’s algorithm and each system has its own chip, but the principles are all very similar:

  1. For a start, it is checked how often meets the question or phrase on the selected pages.
  2. There is a check between the words.
  3. Checks the number of links on the page.
  4. Takes into account how the text is typed in the phrase.
  5. Checks the age of the site.

The amount of information in the network constantly increases, therefore increasing relevancy is a very important task for each search engine.

All resources have many pages that meet the requirements of the request. The algorithm of the search system will suggest the most relevant page. So what is the relevance of the pages?

How is the relevant page

The page is like your own world in the network. This content contains text, images. It also echoes many other pages. Based on this, it turns out that affect the relevance as the content of the text and interaction with other sites.

the types of relevance

Internal (text content) relevance — whether the content of the text to the requirements of the search system. When the query phrase on the page will be the most used, it will be relevant. Each search engine has its own set of the ratio of occurrences of the required word combinations with the number of words in a written article. The closer this number will be to the system, the higher will be the text on the search page.

The main evaluation parameters page

  • Despite the fact that each search engine has its own algorithm, the principle of search all similar. The internal component of the evaluation of relevance:
  • The frequency of use necessary phrases in written text. If the total number of occurrences of the desired word combinations close to the set system, the higher the relevance of a page.
  • The position of the words in the headings and subheadings. When the desired phrase is in the title of the text, the valuation level of the text increases.
  • The right phrases are in the top of the page. The system starts searching from the beginning of the page, so the sooner to meet the specified query, the higher the relevance.
  • The right words in the right places. With the right words in the headings and subheadings relevance increases.
  • The presence of synonyms. This is an important part of the document. If the text contains synonyms of the required words, the system will consider this text useful and relate to the given topic.

To an external component included. Here we should pay attention to the number of links with the texts. If in the text links gets the right phrase, then immediately page increases your rating.

The relevance of a page

Also affects the relevancy of a site’s credibility. In search engines of any website ranks. The indicators influencing rating:

  • The number of links leading to the site. This indicates the importance of the site among other resources.
  • Compliance of the website with essential words. The more the number of pages matching specific phrases, the higher the authority.

Of course, there are other techniques of search engines, which they believe is a one-page relevant and the other does not. A lot of them and uncover they are not in the interest of systems who want to improve relevancy for their users.

  • But it would not have improved the search system, not to forget a few important things:
  • The result depends not only on systems but also on how well and accurately worded request, provided the right words.
  • Each person has his own worldview, his perception of life and the contents of the same information will be different for each person.

All search engines:

  • Your own tasks.
  • Different financial capabilities.
  • Employees with their worldview and Outlook, all have different age and different way of thinking.

Having studied the article in detail, you will find the answer to the question, what is the relevance.

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