What is the red string on the wrist

«What does the red thread on your wrist?» — you can ask to see her on someone’s arm. Many have repeatedly noticed the red thread is tied on the hands of celebrities, but few know what value to give it.

Red thread on her wrist

The first star that has noticed this thread, was Madonna. The tradition of wearing a red string on the hand of the singer borrowed from the esoteric cult of Kabbalah. This is one of the oldest Jewish cults, the fan of which was Madonna. There is quite logical question: and what does the red thread on her wrist, as if the world of the stars wear it, then this probably makes sense. Yes, the meaning really is. The fact is that according to the beliefs of the ancient Jews of the Kabbalah, if a person knits on your wrist red string, or if its him tying someone else, that person becomes a powerful protection from negativity. According to ancient traditions to find this, tie the thread needs someone of very close friends. For example, the wife of a thread knits husband, children, mother etc that the protection gained power, the string must be wool.

In addition, that person becomes invincible in terms of negative impact, acquires a fortune and are incredibly strong energy that helps him to cope with difficulties and achieve the desired.

According to representatives of the cult of Kabbalah, wearing the thread should be solely on the left hand. They explain this by the fact that all the negativity gets into the human aura, colliding with the left hand, and a red thread tied on his hand, performs the function of protection and prevents the penetration of negativity. The people of this cult are not simple strings on their wrists. There is a tradition: before to tie a thread, it is necessary to consecrate the Church. Therefore, most of these threads are brought from sacred places.

what does the red thread

It is possible to summarize the value of the red thread:

  • The thread is a talisman that protects the person from negative energy.
  • It brings good luck.
  • Through wearing improves health and mood.
  • Red thread affects the formation of human spirituality.

Thus, we understand why the red string on the wrist.

What protects the red thread?

In Hindu religion there is a ritual: every single girl needs to strap on his right hand this thread. Why people makes it uniquely hard to say. One of the main versions, the red thread on his right hand is an indication that the girl is not married, and therefore constitutes a potential bride. For the people, in which communication between the sexes is practically not developed, it is output. After all, so the person understands exactly what he liked the girl on the wrist there is a thread that could pass him for a wife.

As for the Slavic culture, there is also a ritual of tying thread. Slavs believed that the man on the hand which are painted red woolen thread, attracts wealth and prosperity. Therefore, in Russia a red thread on her wrist was a good omen.

what protects the red thread

Modern fashionistas, trying to meet the trends that extends from the world of show business, it is also knotted on the wrist on a thread. Although few people know why people do it, and what value they attach to red thread. People think: do the stars, so it is fashionable, plus damage from it whatsoever. Yes, indeed, wearing the woolen threads do not bear harm to health, just the opposite. However, those people who often wear red string, should know a few rules of its setting.

What to consider when complying with the ritual of tying thread?

  • First we need to prepare the thread. Only two requirements: it should be red and made of wool. Woolen yarn has wound healing effect and it also improves blood circulation.
  • The thread should not be donated, so use as a talisman only the thread that you purchased personally.
  • To tie a red thread should close. It should be someone you trust, someone you love. Tie the thread alone is not recommended. If for some reason a person can’t help with the tying, then let it at least was present.
  • The thread needs to be solely focused on his left hand, because it concentrates the negativity that affects the health and mood of a person.
  • When a person is tying your wrist to the thread, it needs to be in a good mood and wish you only good. This is an extremely important aspect of the ritual.
  • A symbol of spiritual richness is the number «7». It is necessary to use when tying red strings and make 7 knots. This leads to the fact that the human aura is filled with spirituality and positive.

the tradition of the red thread

If you neglect these simple rules, red thread on your wrist will serve as an ordinary decoration. Good or bad, only you can decide, but remember that under these rules you can purchase a wonderful mascot.

Why wool?

The positive effect of fur on the blood flow have been observed for a long time. Due to the fact that wool is in contact with the body, improves blood circulation, eliminates stretching of the tendons and relieves inflammation on the skin.

Wool also has another very useful property: it is composed of lanolin. Lanolin is a wax of animal origin that is often used in medicine and cosmetology because of its extreme usefulness. The fact that at high temperature, lanolin may dissolve and penetrate the skin, exerting a positive influence on the human skin. Perhaps that is why it is believed that wearing on the wrist of the red thread the person feel better. Lanolin is particularly useful when painful feelings. Wool offensively underrated, because due to the content of lanolin, the pain goes away very quickly.These features wool, our ancestors noticed many centuries ago.

features thread on the wrist

Why red thread?

Universal, shared by all, the answer to this question is no. Every nation gives his explanation of why has long been the custom to wear on the wrist a red thread. For example, the Slavs believed that the red thread gave people the goddess the Swan to protect them from disease. It was she who taught people to use the thread as a talisman. The tradition of knitting thread on the wrist is preserved to our days. Today in some villages so be saved from epidemics of the flu.

There are ancient records in which it is written that red thread on her wrist symbolizes the crimson sun. And since the string absorbs the force of a bright red Sun, it gives a person good health and protects her from the evil eye.

Thread from the evil eye

Gypsy people there is one very interesting legend. Once upon a time, there lived a Gypsy and her name was Sarah. Sarah was a prophetess. Then came a time when she had to get married, but Sarah didn’t know who Roma her to choose a husband. Then she took from her shawl a bright red thread, then cut it into small pieces and tied them to the hands of all the applicants. One of the Gypsy thread shone bright color and Sarah realized that he was her destiny. So the red thread has acquired the meaning of fate and many love. The tradition of the groom knit wrist red thread from the Roma people has reached our days.

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