What is a quotient in mathematics?

Mathematics is a unique science, which involves precision and consistency. Everyone who began to study this important discipline, needs to understand what a quotient in mathematics.



Mathematics has four simple operations:

  • Add
  • Subtraction
  • Distribution
  • Multiplication

If we are talking about private, we would be interested in such operation as division.

Separation always back multiplication. This is a mathematical value which we get by dividing one number by another. There are a number of characters that denote it:

  • A colon (:)
  • A slash (/)
  • Obelus (dash between two points ÷)

In textbooks for students of 1 – 5 classes are simple and precise definition of this concept. Division is an operation in which we get a number that when multiplied by the divisor gives the dividend. The number referred to in the first part of the definition, is private.

The quotient tells how many times one number is bigger.



Illustrative examples

To better understand what is the quotient of the numbers in mathematics, should refer to the examples. They will help to expand the knowledge on the shelves in your head. The solution of the examples is the best simulator for learning. Proceed to their solution.

Therefore, the quotient is obtained if the dividend divided by the divisor. Using symbols this can be written as follows:


a – dividend

b – divider

from private

Write a simple example from mathematics:


80 – divisible (it is divided)

2 is the divisor (divide)

40 – private

Eighty more than forty-two times.


Another example looks like this:


120 is divisible

2 – divider

60 private

One hundred and twenty more than sixty-two times.


If you carried out the operation of division and doubt in the result, come to the aid of checking. To do this, multiply the divisor by the quotient. If you received the dividend, the example solved correctly:




If after the equals sign you saw you know the dividend, you can put a solid five. You learned to find the quotient of the numbers and do background checks. It is very important to continue to learn more advanced concepts of algebra and geometry.

Privacy is the Foundation of mathematics. If the student is not able to understand its essence, to move on is pointless. Contact the teacher if this concept remained vague for you. The teacher will explain all the mistakes and point out the pitfalls.

Full and partial private

As a result of the mathematical calculations of the quotient may be of two types:

  • Full. By dividing, we obtain an integer:


100 – dividend

2 – divider

50 – full private

  • Incomplete. If the result is the remainder:

51:2=25 (remainder of 1)

51 – dividend

2 — divider

25 – part time private

1 – modulo


If you open a mathematics textbook, you will see that your personal problems are identified by using different symbols (variables). To do this, use the Latin letters:


30 – dividend

6 – divider

X – private

To find the quotient, it is necessary to divide the dividend by the divisor:



Response 5 is private in this example.


Abstract definitions and vague reasoning are poorly absorbed by the brain of the student. So always keep at hand a book with a list of exercises for math. It will help to understand various mathematical categories in practice. Specific figures recorded in the notebook will be the main helpers.

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