What is the quest

Large, quite diverse and rich modern gaming world is very difficult to classify by genre. «Quest» is one of the varieties of games which are quite popular among young people, and luring all the true lovers of adventure. Unfortunately, not all people know what a quest in reality? About it and will continue it.

what is the quest

Translated quest, as a demonstration of personal cleverness, ability to build a logical chain, to present personal talent and get endless pleasure from it. So what is this game, what is its main purpose and use?

In fact, it is a narrative computer game. Man it directs the hero overcomes the obstacles interacting with the virtual world, triggering special items, communicate with other characters and solving logical problems.

The meaning of the term «quest»

If you translate the word «quest» in English, it would mean «to look for something to do». People began to get involved in such things long ago, when there was no Internet. Players had to perform certain tasks specified in the paper.

quest for children

In the 90-ies of the last century in most countries of the world played in adventure puzzle. Since 2006 started to play in other (modern) quests, that is the ones that are played to this day. His name Origin. The essence of the game was taken from the popular world of Agatha Christie. With the years this genre loved throughout the world, and now these games have become more and computer.

Quest on the computer

Under the quests in computer games is commonly understood as a certain path of the hero where he needs to consistently overcome all difficulties and obstacles in first person. They are expressed in the form of tasks of varying complexity. As a rule, it is necessary to learn a complex game world and to solve difficult puzzles.

In these games there is no fighting, the player does not need to have a good response. It differs by the fact that not yet completed the job – then the main character does not go through. Throughout the game you need to look for codes, hints and things, and then to think, what could be the relationship between them.

games on the computer

The most popular quest is considered to be a series of games from the author Sierra (Mystery House, king’s Quest, Quest for Glory, etc.), which gave its name to this genre of computer games.

What he real quest?

In reality the quest is a game on the street, or in a specialized salon computer games. The participants performed the tasks set before them, to eventually, perhaps, to achieve your goal. The games are held in different formats. They are organized at home, on the streets of big cities, and in professional clubs with the necessary decorations and equipment. These games are a few hours, they can participate 20-30 people.

quest for doroslih

Leading carefully watching the game, explains to participants the rules, helps players, and sometimes acts as a secret intermediary between the characters.

What tasks need to be done in quests?

To what species a given quest, depends on the events in this game. For example, when navigating in the city, players need to quickly find a specific position and reach checkpoints. When the search involved special scheme, the puzzles, invisible to the benchmarks and other attributes of urban infrastructure.

Quests, called «escape the room», saying that players from the enclosed space need to be able to quickly find a way out. This mission is given a certain time. To get will help them random items, answers to riddles. Usually this kind of games are high detective, adventure story. This gives the party a special atmosphere.

What these quests can be useful for children, what is their essence?

The goal of all quests, there are search targets, and the more, the better. To achieve its goal, the players need to be able to cooperate with each other, the right to examine the information provided, apply the skill, thoughts and any useful personal skills.

a variety of quest

In the game the characters get into some difficult situation, get the job. They have to find the murderer, uncover some terrible secrets, relentlessly fight for the treasure or to escape from catastrophic events.

Quests are developing games, they are very useful for people of any age category. Children, such task force to think, to find a way out of a difficult situation that contributes to the development of their logical thinking, intelligence, children learn to cooperate and to correctly talk with your teammates.

When you play the quests, the child learns something new. This is accompanied by vivid emotions and wonderful impressions.

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