What is the puzzle?

In the childhood we liked to collect pictures from many different pieces. It could be small images of characters of books and cartoons, or the huge landscapes. All perfectly knew it, but the process of borrowing words inexorably continued. As a result, some interested in what the puzzle.

what is the puzzle

The answer to the question is very simple – it is a mosaic, all the same simple mosaic, much-loved by many children. Just in English it’s called a puzzle, and over time, this word was used in Russian-speaking countries.

What is the puzzle?

So the puzzle is – what is it? The so-called puzzle, which purpose – to collect, using the existing sample, the finished picture from many small pieces. They should approach each other not only in appearance but also in structure – nothing should interfere with the clutch elements.

Often word puzzles used as a direct synonym for the concept of the puzzle. It, in turn, has a number of different values, including the genre of computer games. In this case the puzzle is to identify the project, the purpose of which is to solve some logical problems.

Usually, the player takes possession of logic, although quite often it is necessary to build a strategy or just rely on intuition. In most cases, under the puzzles-puzzles understand the simple toys, like Tetris or Minesweeper, but there are more large-scale projects.


Myst and The Witness

These games are examples of puzzle games within the full game (the second more than the first). Gameplay is to move through the open world with the ability to find books or videos that lifts the veil of mystery of world history. The gameplay is based on solving puzzles – puzzles, often in the form of labyrinths, although there are other options.

Myst is considered a graphical quest, therefore, the concept of the puzzle may not relate to it fully. This game also has interaction with objects, while The Witness is almost entirely focused on puzzles. Anyway, both projects require the player to solve a variety of puzzles, although not necessarily finding them all in order to see the final.

Logic, concentration and resourcefulness act as primary weapon plays. Often it is not enough just to solve the puzzle encountered – first, she still needs to find.


The types of puzzles

Usually, people wonder what the puzzle in the classic sense. It is interesting that such a simple thing like a jigsaw puzzle has several types and modifications. Fortunately, the goal is always the same – using many elements, it is necessary to obtain a full image.

First and foremost, the mosaic is divided into a number of components. The more you have, the more difficult the Assembly process. From childhood many people are faced with options, consisting of about 12-20 pieces, but the classic is considered the number 54.

Interestingly, mosaic has less than 260 items, refers to children, whilst not every adult will be able to cope with this puzzle.


The number of pieces can determine the final size of the puzzle. If it does not exceed 50 cm, it is considered small. In the world there are very large variations, the amount of which reaches several meters. Classical dimensions include 500 pictures of the elements, reaching 47×33 inches.

Of course, the number of pieces does not always determine the size of the picture. It can be quite small, but consist of many elements, or, conversely, having considerable dimensions both in General and in components. As a rule, the biggest challenge (number of elements exceeds 6 thousand) – this image is from the Bible, copies of famous paintings or ancient maps.

great puzzle

Finally, today many are faced with the modern kinds of mosaics:

  • The options with the volume image;
  • Soft baby,
  • Computer puzzles.

Three-dimensional mosaics are often used in the field of architecture, as well as for demonstration sites and technology.

puzzle 3d

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