What is the primaries in Russian?

Against the backdrop of the elections many began to agitate the question, what is the primaries. This concept is often used in relation to the formation of the government, particularly when it comes to the United States of America. It is necessary to understand this issue and its manifestations in Russian-speaking countries.

what is the primaries

What are the primaries?

For starters, it should appeal to the origin of this concept. It is interesting that, contrary to popular belief, the emphasis is on the letter «a». The fact that the word is borrowed from the English language, where it is derived from the term «primary«. This polysemic word can be both an adjective and a noun. If there is an adjective, then the translation will be «primary», «previous» or «basic». When used a noun, it means «primary«.

This is the answer to the question, which means the primaries. Elections that are held within the party that allow you to choose the strongest candidate. He is subsequently nominated by the party in the main election. While in Russia such is little developed in America, for example, the primaries is quite bright, and one key for the whole race.

primaries in the United States

The history of the emergence of the primaries

Due to the fact that the word is borrowed from English, as you can imagine, and its history previous elections have started throughout the United States. Held the first primaries in the mid-nineteenth century, in 1842. It took about sixty years before Wisconsin first recognized the need to legitimize this process.

After that, it was quite thirty years to each state of America has introduced a law on compulsory conduct of the primaries, but then some refused to this decision. Prior to this, the candidates for election were determined by meetings of the parties, often through backroom negotiations. After 1927, this procedure became generally accepted.

Today’s primaries may occur by open or secret ballot – in the latter case the decision is accepted within the party. There may be intermediate options that appear when two people in the previous elections are close enough to each other. In such a situation conduct second round.

The results of the primaries are counted differently. Some use a multi-step schemes, others choose the winner by arithmetic majority. Some States pay close attention to the gap between the number of votes. Finally, there are 11 States that have decided instead of primaries, referendums, called a Caucus.

The meaning of «primaries» in Russia

Primaries in Russian – what is it? For starters, it should be borne in mind that in Russian this word is used in the plural and not leaning. According to its essence, to hold primaries – then to choose a candidate within the party. On the territory of Russia «United Russia» tried twice to carry out an analogue of such preliminary election.

Both times the Russian primaries was heavily criticized, since he had very little in common with its original meaning – the use of the term was simply incorrect. If the US pre-elections were possible to eliminate competition between members of one party, in Russia such is not applied. «United Russia», for one reason or another, has virtually no competitors, and therefore, in case of elimination of competition among themselves, and it does not remain.

In this regard, some prefer to call Russian democracy simulation, and the same adjective is due to the fact that such primaries in Russian.

primaries in Russia

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