What is the prank? Who are the media?

A simple concepts will eventually become the original name, especially if something is popular in the youth environment. In this case there is slang and some words get multiple values. Many wonder what is the prank? This is one of those cases where the meaning of the term expanded with time.

what is the prank

What is the prank?

To understand the meaning of a word by looking at its etymology and translation. The concept of «prank» is English, while fully preserving their sound. English «prank» is translated as a prank or prank.

The word in its original meaning appeared for a long time. Then under it (in particular Russia) understood solely prank phone calls. Therefore, we can assume that there is a prank as much as phones themselves. However, the greatest development of this phenomenon was in the late twentieth century. Asking who are the culprit, the man knew that those who carry out anonymous calls, causing the victim to severe reactions.

Prank phone calls won its classification.

  • For example, «hard» is a prank in which the victim must fall into anger or hysterics. Typically, such hooliganism is accompanied by lots of swearing.
  • The version «Lite» is designed to laugh and call, and someone calling. Most often it Prancer behaves more actively.
  • «Radiopan», as the name implies, is characterized in that the call is happening on the radio.
  • «Technopark and Printmix» based on the recorded phrases from older drawings that are used to play other people. Some consider it a kind of art.

There are other types of humour, and many do not lend themselves to strict classification.


Modern prankery

As often happens, over time, the concept covers more areas than it was initially. Today, answering the question, what is the prank and the prankster cannot be limited solely to a prank call.

To some extent, the word prank in modern slang it is possible to understand almost any joke on someone. Fairly common prank with intercom, as well as using Skype.

Some call prank joke serious crimes like robberies and fake buckets of water over the front door. However, the last in the West call «practical joke» and a «prank» is commonly understood as just the phone calls.


What to do with the culprit?

When it becomes clear what the word prank, everyone is sure to think about the fact that he did not want to become the victim of some Joker. Of course, some think that the jokes are bad, but it is worth remembering that all these jokes are written, and their conversations all over the Internet is unlikely someone will please.

So, what to do, if there was a call, and says, obviously, Prancer?

  • The simplest solution is just to stop talking. You can hang up and you can give a chance to a good sense of humor enough to have a proper conversation with yourself.
  • It is very important that in the case of the development of the conversation, do not yell and abuse – very often this is exactly what you need the prankster.
  • You can try to answer style jokes about «Buy an elephant», but only if the conversation turns pretty boring in order for it never posted. As things stand, and any other kind of joke/non-standard behavior in response to the draw.

Legality prank

From a legal point of view, such jokes are to disorderly conduct and, more specifically, «phone bullying». The law For they put a fine, and in some cases even arrest. Special punishment can take place if the person gave false information about any crime, especially if it was about terrorism.

Despite the fact that, in fact, such jokes are punishable, and virtually no one ever tries to make a case on this issue. It is also likely that, even if someone tried, the police had not become involved in these violations.

who are the culprit

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