What is the plugin?

It is hard to imagine our life without computer and Internet.

Each user has a number of programs that he uses daily. To improve their work and adjusted using various plugins.

The term comes from the English expression plugin, which translated means «variable». All users will be useful to know what plugin.


Why do we need plugins?

A plugin is not a full program, but only its Supplement. Is a module that expands the functionality of the program. Already, it has installed software starts to work better and more productive. You will discover applications to new opportunities.

The main feature of the plugin is its sensitive attitude towards the program. To function independently, he is not capable.


Many users have a reasonable question: «Why not give the software all the properties that give them the plugin?» The answer to this question is very simple:

  • In this case, the user would be left little space on disk, because if to include in every program, all the add-ons and modules, it will become very large. The system will give error and will work slowly. Why were invented plug-ins, which are selected individually and provide the user applications
  • Using the plug-in, improved. Any experienced programmer can create a module that will give the application with new features. You do not need to wait until the developers will release an updated version
  • Plugins are easily installed and removed. If the functions of the module proved you do not need, it is not necessary to uninstall the program. Just delete the installed plugin. The program will continue its work in normal mode


How to install plugins?

Additional modules can be installed in two ways:

  • If in the menu there is a section «Plugins», it will make life easier. Follow the simple instructions, click «Next» and agree with the rules of the license agreement. After that the plugin will be installed on your computer
  • If there is no section for plugins, do not despair. You can always install the module by copying the files to a folder on the system drive. Usually developers leave detailed instructions on the plugin what it is and how and where to put the file copies


If the plugin is not working

In the process of watching a video or while playing the screen dims and the user sees a window with the message: «there was a crash of the plugin.» Do not be afraid of the word «collapse», the plugin simply stopped working and shut down. Why is this happening?

The collapse plugin

  • The reason most often lies in the lack of software updates for your browser. Therefore, make sure that all the updates were successfully installed. Then the plugin will work consistently
  • The Adobe Flash Player is functioning correctly. Reinstall or update it
  • Plugins may stop working due to the fact that the browser is overloaded with toolbars. They take the system resources, cause errors and slow down your computer. Remove them and run the plugin again
  • If the browser still is unstable, then reinstall it and manually add the modules you need. This can be done in the Toolkit, web browser, find the appropriate item in the menu


Modern man uses a computer daily. He doesn’t imagine their life without various programs and applications. Plugins help to complement the programs and speed up system performance.

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