What is the player?

Music lovers need not to explain what player. They know that it is a compact, mobile device that uses to play music or other audio recordings. Play music help different technologies, consequently, the players are different.

What is the player

Classification of the players

There is a classification of the players:

Cassette player.

They are the simplest types of imitators and used for cassettes with magnetic tape. Some models have a reverse function that allows you to listen to the recording on her side without moving. On average, one side of the cassette is able to accommodate 1.5 hours of audio recordings. These records relate to analog, but their quality leaves much to be desired. In addition, over time the magnetic layer on the tape may peel off, which makes it even worse.

cassette player

CD player.

This type of player is more modern and plays Audio CD. On CD-ROM as a recording medium are special tracks. The advantage of this player before a cassette is that there is an opportunity at any time to switch from one track to another. While in cluster mode it is necessary to rewind the tape. The average CD can hold 70 minutes of music.

CD players

MP3 player.

For those who do not imagine their life without music, that can fit on a regular CD drive may not be enough. And nothing about a cassette player and do not need to say, as such the recording quality is not satisfied. An MP3 audio can be compressed to a size that is only 30 MB can accommodate a CD-ROM. Accordingly, one disk in this format, you can record about 22 hours of continuous music. Externally, the MP3 player is no different from a CD player, but it can play not only the music recorded on the tracks, but the files are recorded in MP3 format. Such a disk you can buy or record yourself.

There are MP3 players that work with flash drives. To read a file from a memory card or the built-in memory device. To record music, just connect the player to the computer or laptop.

MP3 players often inserted into mobile phones that have a processor that allows to play MP3 files and a slot designed for memory cards.

Most MP3 players equipped with a miniature remote that connect to it. This gives you the ability to control the music without taking your device out of your pocket. The display, which shows information about the currently playing song may be not only on the body of the player, but also on the remote.


How to choose player

It MP3 players today have become extremely popular. If you don’t know how to choose, consider offering a few tips:

  1. To start with the purpose of purchase. New model MP3 players can work standalone or be combined with mobile phones and other electronic devices. Recently produced devices which are able to support S-Video, browsers, to play with different formats. Therefore, going shopping, decide which additional features you would like to see in your player.
  2. Manufacturers offer a fairly wide variety of models, ranging from the budget with a minimal set of functions to multifunction. So buyers pay attention to the design of the model, the availability of desired features and ease of use.
  3. Not the superfluous will pay attention to the amount of memory. Because it depends on how much music you can be placed here. On average, 1 GB of memory is equal to 250-300 songs.
  4. Important criteria when selecting a battery and means for charging.
  5. If you are looking for a simple and convenient model, pay attention to the control panel and the display size.
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