What is the plan?

What is the plan? At first glance, the meaning seems very clear, however, first used it in geography, then it came to geometry, and later received its own special definition in the youth slang. It is worth understanding the wide range of existing interpretations.

what is the plan

What is the plan?

  • The word «plan» is called three-dimensional drawing of the room or building. This concept is use in architectural drawings.
  • In topography there is a term «topographic map». They represent the universal card, the most detailed image of the terrain. As a rule, they indicate the geodetic points, the different elements of the relief, hydrographic objects, common vegetation, soil type, outstanding cultural facilities, trails and many other elements. What exactly is displayed on a card depends on why it was created. Topographic maps are called plan.
  • The word «plan» can be a synonym for «plane», and it manifests itself in different ways. First, the term «plan» derived from the English word plane, plain», translated as flat or plain. So first the floor plan meant the plain. Subsequently, this concept became synonymous with plane. They began to name the various sections, and formed the adjective planar, which can identify the column or technology.

the plan area

Plan Communism

The concept of «plan» in another way- planned economy, were widely used in Soviet times. In that period the entire economy is organized exactly according to planned. Such still exists in the DPRK.

The essence of this plan is that all the material resources that are created in the country is public property; therefore, they are distributed centrally. It is believed that it is used to produce the scheduled production volume, avoiding overproduction.

Under the planned economy controlled all aspects of production – is determined by what, in what quantity and at what price will be created. As a result, are left to private ownership, and is the opposite of a market economy.

On the one hand, this may reduce social stratification, and, in the case of a crisis situation, the production can quickly begin to create the necessary resources. On the other hand, to plan the entire economy is incredibly difficult, and at the same time employees and employers have no incentive to improve production.

plan communism

Plan in the broadest sense

Often speaking about the concept of «plan» a person has in mind in deliberate action, which should lead to the achievement of a certain goal.

As a rule, the basis of planning is the allocation of resources and clear action. Together they should help to cope with a certain task.

In order to make a plan, you must identify a goal and then devise a programme of action contributing to the achievement of this goal. This program may have certain variations.

Besides, it is necessary to determine the required resources and where these resources can be obtained. Then choose the artists and explain to them the essence of the job. As a rule, in the end, the plan is recorded in any form. This can be a project, a model of something, written orders and a list of actions.


Plan slang

People often ask, what is the plan when they hear the word in an obscure context. This is possible if someone heard this concept from young people. As a rule, they know that fans of the drug called marijuana plan.

It is a psychoactive tool is created from hemp. Besides marijuana, it is called marijuana, the official name is cannabis, however, is slang often used the word plan.

Despite the fact that hemp used to create drugs, in some countries there are plantations with this plant. In Russia administrative responsibility is established and growing, not to mention the purchase, processing, transportation and storage, while the number of marijuana almost no role.

However, the sizes of drugs have classification. «Minor», but still punishable, the size is up to 6 g of marijuana. When talking about cannabis resin, «significant» size starts from 2 years.

There is a movement, actively promoting the legalization of marijuana. On this score there are different opinions, and at the moment the question remains open. In some countries the attitude to this drug, however, in Russia it is completely forbidden, like any other.

plan drug

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