What is the phrase in the Russian language

From school course of Russian language, we all remember that in addition to words, there are phrases and sentences. They combine the words in different variations. What is the phrase in the Russian language? The peculiarities of their formulation and when used by us?

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What is the phrase in the Russian language

Considering the rule that this phrase, we see it 2 or more words, United grammatically and in meaning, however, is not an offer.

One of the words in any of the phrases will be in charge, the other – dependent. With the main they are United not only by content, but more on family and death. So if you do not see the connection, then you are not the phrase. The key word may be called a subject, a sign of the subject or its action. At the same time, dependent words are necessary in any phrase. They are used in cases where it is necessary to explain the meaning of the main or expand its meaning.

the phrase

Between the main and the fact that it depends on words, in any case, you can ask a specific question. For example, consider the phrase «winter forest». In this case, the key is the word «forest», respectively – dependent word «winter». Question: what wood? winter. The example showed that this is a phrase, composed of all the rules of language, where one word is subordinated to the other, and between them a connection.

Composition phrases

Absolutely all phrases can be divided into several types. They can be complex and simple. As the rule States, in simple phrases is called a combination of two words. One of them is main and the second dependent. If we consider a complex phrase, we call the combination of three or more words or even several different simple expressions. If to speak about the common phrase, to pick an example not difficult. We regularly use them not only in speech but in writing – «beautiful cat», «Sunny day», «grocery store». Now consider what means a difficult phrase for example: «beautiful cat in the corner», «Sunny winter day», «grocery store of the village».

What is the phrase in the Russian language

Phrase and offer

Some people tend to confuse concepts such as phrase and sentence. To distinguish them is very simple. That you need to remember that subject together with the predicate in any sentence is a lexical, not a phrase as it might seem at first glance. Example: «the sun shines» is a complete sentence, where the sun is the subject and the light – verb. But the «glowing sun» — can be attributed to a simple phrase where the words combined with the nominal case and the average native.

The same can be said about the secondary parts of the sentence. They are not phrases, if located in terms and contrasting, and equally interrelated coordinative bond. Example: Linden, oak, maple and birch; black, white; huge, yet lightweight.

Phrase and offer

Just before what is called the phrase include idioms or any part of the forms of different words.

Types of phrases

Depending on which part of speech serves the main word of the phrase, decided to allocate some of their types. There are several ways of forming phrases:

  1. Nominal characterized in that the key word can be noun, pronoun, adjective or numeral. Example: fresh wind, someone important and useful for us seven kids.
  2. Verbal – phrase, in which the main word is used a verb. Example: to learn a lesson that has traveled the world, sitting on the couch.
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