What is the phonetic analysis of speech?

Studying the Russian language, students are forced to delve into a variety of rules, conduct numerous tests and analyses on a variety of parameters. In particular, sooner or later, each student trying to understand what the phonetic analysis of speech. This component of the study of language cannot be avoided, so you just need to understand the issue with the help of examples.

what is the phonetic analysis of speech


In order to understand what it means to phonetic analysis of words, need to figure out where it came from and why you need it. To guess about the appearance of this analysis, it is easy – just look at the key word in this phrase. The word «phonetic» is inextricably linked with the notion of «phonetics». Should learn more about this period.

So, what is phonetics? This science is part of linguistics. She concentrates on the sounds of human speech, studies the structure of various words from the point of view of their sound. Phonetics examines the compositions, the way they combine the sounds, trying to identify patterns of their connections.

The entire phonetics can be divided into four key aspects.

  • The first articulation. This means that science considers the process of sound creation. That is, it examines the human bodies are somehow involved in the pronunciation.
  • The physical aspect is considering air fluctuations in the pronunciation of words and their characteristics. In particular, this includes frequency and amplitude.
  • Phonological aspect focuses on the phonemes. That is, it considers the functioning of sounds in language in General.
  • Finally, the last perceptual dimension, exploring how different words are perceived by people.


What is the phonetic analysis of speech?

Although this task appeared relatively long ago, it retains its relevance in most of the schools of the former USSR. What is the phonetic analysis of speech? This analysis, which focused on examining the syllables and sounds of a particular word, using graphic elements (setting accents, highlighting orfogramm).

  • When performing such a task is important, first, to analyze say the word aloud.
  • It is equally important to check his transcription.
  • Before proceeding to the analysis, should revisit the word on the subject of orfogramm.
  • The error can be tolerated in places where sound is weak. Such moments are Sizzling, consonants having the hardness or softness, and also moments when they can be deaf or ringing.

How to conduct a phonetic analysis?

In order to understand what it means phonetic analysis of words, need to understand how to spend it.

Typically, this analysis consists of seven main aspects:

  • First and foremost, you need to write the study word.
  • Then it should be divided into syllables and to indicate emphasis.
  • After that you need to consider the possibility of moving warehouses.
  • Next you need to record the transcription of parsed words.
  • Then will begin the long process – each letter in the word you need to describe. That is, you need to specify whether one or the other letter is a consonant or a vowel, shock or unaccented it, deaf or ringing, etc. Also have each letter you need to specify the sound which it is pronounced. Often the letters have no sound.
  • After this will indicate how the word sounds and how many letters.
  • Next you need to write those cases when the sound is not consistent with the letter.

phonetic analysis

An example of phonetic analysis

Consider the example of a phonetic analysis of the word carrot.

  • For starters, to spell the word carrot.
  • Then specify the accent and the ability to transfer stuff.
  • Further, the prescribed transcription, i.e. how the word sounds – [markof’].
  • Then you need to parse each letter. For example, M will correspond to the sound [m], is a solid, sonorous, unpaired consonant. About to answer the sound [a], unstressed vowel. The other letters we need to understand the same principle. Special attention should be paid to the soft sign. He will have neither transcription nor characteristics.
  • At the end of the parse we need to specify that the word is 7 letters and 6 sounds.
  • Cases of mismatch is a letter that sounds like A, Litera b, which sounds dull, that is f, and the presence of the soft sign.
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