What is the offer in the Russian language?

Russian language is beautiful and powerful, he has a fairly large number of words that can be easily combined into sentences. What is the offer in the Russian language, and how it happens? Lets deal with this concept. A sentence is a word or several words connected in meaning with each other. Using offer, a person can make clear to another person about their thoughts, plans and sympathy. The proposals built our speech, and this makes us different from our smaller brothers.

What is the offer in the Russian language

Man does not create just the sounds he uses words, combines them into sentences. Sentences can have different form and type depends on our understanding of language in society. If we want something ask the person, we use the sentence with the accent on the question, if you want to prove something, is a sentence with the pronunciation and emotion.

Simple and complex sentences

In our Russian language it is possible to distinguish between simple and complex sentences, let’s deal with them on a live example.

  • A simple sentence is a sentence that has only one grammatical basis. For example: «I read the newspaper». The main grammatical basis is the phrase «I read».
  • Complex sentence is the sentence consisting of several grammatical basics, more often two. Consider this example: «I read the newspaper, and all around music». As we can see, there are two Essentials – «I read», «music playing».

Using simple and complex sentences, you can Express all your emotions and state, to convey to people certain stories and opinions.

Simple sentences can be divided according to the type of their structure, for example:

  • Loving the suggestions – they have one main part of the sentence.
  • Two-syllable sentences are, as of subject and predicate.
  • Common sentencesthat are composed, in addition to primary words, and secondary.
  • Uncommon deals only with the main members.
  • Complicated sentence — consists of the introductory words, verbal participle phrases, and appeals.
  • Uncomplicated sentences – sentences having exclusively main members.

Proposal type statements

Imperative sentences

In the Russian language, as in many other languages, the offer is quite a complex concept, it can be used in different cases, with different emphasis and focus on anything. In the Russian language it is possible to note three types of simple sentences, namely: motive, narrative and interrogative. Lets look at each of them.

  • Imperative sentence – it is used with the purpose of the request, the order to give specific advice. For example, «Come quickly!».
  • Declarative sentence – in other words, it’s a narrative designation that will happen soon or is happening at the moment. For example: «I’m coming home.»
  • Interrogative sentence – it expresses directly the question that person has asked to see relevant information such as: «What is the weather outside?».

Suggestions for emotional coloring

Suggestions for emotional coloring

We all know that Russian language is quite emotional and bright, that’s why to convey her emotions and views on a particular occasion, it is necessary from time to time use a variety of proposals for the purpose of communication. Consider the main ones:

  • Exclamation sentences – they are always pronounced with expressive intonation, can be emotional.
  • Newslettername sentences – simple sentences without emotional coloring.

If you know all the varieties of proposals and the determination of the concepts, you can very quickly learn the Russian language. Today, in many countries the second language is Russian. Of course, English is not goes by the wayside, but the Russian language can very often be found in countries such as Ukraine, Israel, Greece, Poland and many others.

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