What is the morphological parsing of words?

In the process of studying the Russian language at a school Desk is necessary to consider a variety of methods of analysis and parsing. A thorough understanding of texts, sentences and even individual words. Need to know what a morphological parse of the word.

what is the morphological analysis of words


To make it easier to understand what was going on, you need to know the meaning of the term «morphology». Call a certain branch of linguistics that focuses on the words of natural languages. What is natural language? Is any language, spoken by people, that is, it was created by itself and has no significant system.

Morphology examines the different parts of words, examines certain characteristics. For this science words are linguistic entities, which looks for a certain internal structure.

Depending on the tasks pursued by the given science, to share her morphemic and grammatical semantics. The first pays attention to words and their parts, and the second is considering the morphological importance.


What is the morphological parsing of words?

When it became clear that studying Morphology, it is easy to guess that such morphological parsing words. Under this name hides an analysis of any word from the point of view of its belonging to the parts of speech and various features. Despite the fact that, depending on whether the word is a noun, adjective or something like that, its parsing will be different, to really see some common structure. It looks as follows.

  • First the initial written form of the word. That is, if the analyzed concept is not used in the nominative case or in the plural, then you need to rewrite it in the singular, using the nominative case.
  • The second step is to determine whether the word is a proper name or a General term that is common.
  • Then you need to specify whether the noun is animate or an inanimate object.
  • After that spell of his kind.
  • Specifies the declination.
  • Written, in which numbers were used, the word is singular or plural.
  • Then, you should write, in which case the noun was in the proposal.
  • Finally, it remains to distinguish the syntactic role.

An example of morphological analysis noun

Consider a simple example based on the sentence «the Boy ran to the horse.» Suppose you want to analyze the word «horses».

  1. Specifies the initial form – the word «horse».
  2. It is a common concept.
  3. «Horse» — animate object.
  4. Gender – female.
  5. The third declension.
  6. The word used in the singular.
  7. The case was the dative.
  8. In this phrase, «horses» was the addition.

the boy at the horse

Other parts of speech will have small changes in the analysis. For example, in the category of adjectives is specified, it is full or short, and also the degree of comparison. Numerals written in the value and composition, the value of pronouns, participles, the infinitive, the form, time, and recoverability. It is in gerunds and verbs. The easiest way is the situation with adverbs – they have only the category value, and sometimes the degree of comparison.

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