What is the mind of man — the definition

Philosophy – a very peculiar science. With all its wide girth, it is very difficult to understand what she is studying. Thus in this area there are many terms. For example, what is the mind of man or from an animal? What is hidden under this word?

the definition of what the mind of man

What is the reason?

The definition of what the mind encompasses, first and foremost, the fact that the word is a philosophical category. To fully understand the meaning of the term, you need to know and how is this category.

The expression comes from the Greek word, where it was defined as «statement» or «sign». The essence of philosophical categories in that it refers to some General concept, which covers only the most significant relationship to reality. Thus any word related to the philosophical category, it will be very generalized, and therefore to understand it fully is difficult, if not impossible.

Therefore, the mind is a philosophical category, the essence of which in mental activities, the ability of anybody to think in principle and conduct analysis to abstract from different data and generalize them.

what is the reason

The etymology of the term

There are several different translations of the concept «mind». For example, in the king James Bible this word is translated as «meaning». If we turn to the Latin counterparts, there is the concept of «ratio» which can be translated as «mind» or «reasoning». This makes it clear that once the words mind and intelligence were synonymous, but now they are different.

There are immediate and in the Greek language. There is a word in the mind like the concept of «spirit», which meant thinking and desires, is able to get out of the human body. If we turn to Marxist philosophy, the word mind is virtually indistinguishable from the term «consciousness». It is the ability of someone to identify themselves with the world.

To some extent you can understand the concept of «mind», if we turn to the close of the word from Latin. It sounds like «intellectus», and refers to a property of the psyche that allows you to adapt to various changes, the ability to learn, to use the gained experience and knowledge.


From the point of view of philosophy, the mind is a form of consciousness, the so-called self-conscious mind. It is necessary to understand the difference of these notions. It is believed that the mind does not create anything new – he sistematizirovat knowledge.

His mind is directed inside the person. It is based on different principles and ideals, however, due to the ability of the Association itself, with the content, it can contain contradictions.

The functioning of the mind is directly related to the human language, as the various characters eventually begin to identify a wide range of phenomena. To some extent, the essence of intelligent thinking is made manifest through words.

Despite the complexity of the issue, from the point of view of biology it is believed that all of man’s inner world, his mind is, in fact, the result of the functioning of neural networks, the action of electrochemical impulses.


Smart animals

For any person it is undeniable that he has a mind. When it comes to animals, that many doubt whether they can, in principle, be smart.

Similar remains an open question among scientists, but more and more people agree that some animals do possess reason and intellect. These include a few of the higher mammals. The most popular examples are chimpanzees and dolphins.

Gradually science is trying to prove that many animals are highly prone to emotional impact, and a number of them can build a logical chain, and even to plan their actions, finding solutions to different problems. It is with actions against a non-trivial task people are trying to understand whether one or the other being to think.

Some scientists are even studying the possibility of representatives of wildlife to communicate with other species, including humans. As a rule, the attention of science falls on those whose brain structure is similar to a human. Therefore, many experiments conducted on primates. However, to date, there is evidence that rudiments of intelligence present in many vertebrates, while to meet such is difficult.

mind animals

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